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Activity: 10 mins A simple Cloudquest challenge

Exploring cloudworks for good ideas

Cloud created by:

Gráinne Conole
9 October 2009

This activity is a variant on the idea of a webquest, it provides a fun ways of exploring the cloudworks site and sharing findings. The aim is to explore the site, choose a cloud or cloudscape you find interesting and then collectively vote on the best example found.

  • If you haven't already done so, create a Cloudworks account (you can view anything on the site, but to post comments or add anything you need an account)
  • Spend a max of ten minutes exploring cloudworks (suggested stategies - browse clouds and cloudscapes, enter keywords in search, explore by tags, look at individual people's profiles
  • You may wish to open your search in a new tab or page in your browser so that you can easily navigate back to this cloud
  • Find one interesting cloud
  • Post a comment here with the name of the cloud with a hyperlink to it and include your reasons for why you like it
  • Review other entries
  • Vote for favourite entry using the survey
  • A summary of the survey will be posted here in due course

Extra content

i found this article very interesting as i am studying pshycology. it has gave me a slight insight into the biology of it x

hazel dryden
14:10 on 12 October 2016

This article is very interesting to me as a big supporter of social psychology and theories of learning.  The concept that the nature of education is changing fits very well with the Web 2.0 narrative for me.  The new generation of learners are not just sat watching the TV or teacher like I was as a youngster - they expect to engage and control part of the conversation - education has to catch up!

Michael Wood
08:51 on 29 March 2017

I have worked as an assessor/tutor for an FE college and found that it was difficult to think of activities that could be embedded in the normal class sessions. It is obviously easier with academic subjects than some vocational subjects such as plumbers, carpenters, hairdressers etc. I have taught adult learners ( mainly over 55years) Basic IT courses and many do not have the necessary literacy and numeracy skills expected, neither are they interested in gaining the qualification at their time in life. Another issue I encountered was that Assessors were also expected to deliver maths and English training as part of their job role and this is not something I was overly comfortable with!  A database of resources tailored to specific subject areas would be a wonderful contribution for new and existing teachers. 

Colleen Godinho
13:13 on 30 March 2017 (Edited 13:15 on 30 March 2017)

This cloud is particularly intesesting as it links well to my current OU module. It also has some interesting points to think about that I am too continually evaluating my practices with, such as evaluation of learning and how technology can play a role; and the relationship to higher order skills and learning.

Amy O'Donnell
06:51 on 2 April 2017


I enjoyed  Sarah Adrienne Hughes presenetation " The Digital Nurse" as it made me reflect how as a RN too we should use technology as a way for CPD and to improver our skills as we work in a rapidly changing environment 

Amanda Wilford
13:09 on 27 March 2018

Talk: Conole - digital literacies: I particularly liked this cloud as I have an interest in the social and ethical aspects of online pratice.

Beringen, M.L.
23:18 on 31 March 2018

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Cloudquest represented in CompendiumLD

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