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Pedagogy profile/Activity profile

A tool for modelling student activities

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Gráinne Conole
9 October 2009

This is an experimental widget and so would welcome feedback. The tool is designed to help teachers (or learners) map different typs of student activities across a course or sequence of learning events. The work derives from a learning activity taxonomy (Conole, 2007; Conole 2008) that characterises the types of tasks learners undertake into six types:

  • Assimilative (attending and understanding content),
  • Information handling (e.g. gathering and classifying resources or manipulating data),
  • Adaptive (use of modelling or simulation software),
  • Communicative (dialogic activities, e.g. pair dialogues or group-based discussions),
  • Productive (construction of an artefact such as a written essay, new chemical compound or a sculpture) and
  • Experiential (practising skills in a particular context or undertaking an investigation). 
  • In addition the tool looks at the spread of assessment acros the course or sequence of learning activiites.

Pedagogy Profile


  • Each row can represent a "unit of time" - so this might be a week, month or block. For each unit you then fill in the amount of time (say for example number of hours).  Fill in each of the cells in the matrix
  • Click "add' or 'delete' to vary the number of rows
  • Click update to see the completed profile
  • Profiles can be printed or saved as PDFs

Extra content

This is an experimental tool we are developing, we would really welcome feedback on it.

Gráinne Conole
09:30 on 11 October 2009

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Screenshot of the pedagogy profile widget

Screenshot of the pedagogy profile widget

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