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Social work simulation

Students in practice-based disciplines can learn to relate theory to practice, and vice versa, in a simulated environment.

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17 June 2008

Practice placements are a challenge for many students, when for the first time they have to apply their professional knowledge in a complex real working environment. Simulations allow them to get some of this experience in an environment where they can explore and experiment without causing harm. The multimedia CD/DVD-ROM described here contains four scenarios for a social work course, each supporting about three hours study. An actor plays a student social worker, with whom students can identify as she goes through a series of course-related issues, with the multimedia interface representing people and events (through audio and video) and sources of information, such as notices, patient files, emails, reports. Students find their own route through the material to complete given tasks, then receive feedback through text and recordings of expert practitioners commenting on the practice issues. [Sandy Fraser]

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Amy Ver Mulm
5:09pm 5 April 2012

Where can I find or purchase the above CD?

Thank you,


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