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Activity: 10 mins Introductions and interests

ETUG workshop 20th-21st October 2009 Simon Fraser University

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Gráinne Conole
10 October 2009

This cloud has been set up for participants of the ETUG fall workshop on learning design. Please post here:

  • Your name and a little bit about yourself - feel free to use the "add links" and "add references" functions to add further details
  • What you hope to get out of the workshop

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Hi I'm Gráinne Conole and I am a professor of e-learning at the Open University. I have a broad range of interests around exploring the use of technology for learning and teaching. This includes learning design work - ie the development of tools, methods, activities and resources to help teachers make more informed choices about using technologies and creating pedagogically effective learning activities. I have also done research looking at the student experience of using technologies. More generally I also have an interst in research methodology and ICT, evaluation and policy/strategy perspectives. See my profile for more information. I also have a blog Some of my publications are available here.I am very much looking forward to the workshop and to meeting everyone! It provides a great opportunity to share the tools we have been developing and get feedback on the value/use.

Gráinne Conole
06:45 on 10 October 2009 (Edited 06:48 on 10 October 2009)

Greetings! I'm Sylvia Currie and I work at BCcampus to design, support, and manage the network of online communities. I've always had a strong interest in finding ways to represent teaching designs and practices in a way that is context rich and reusable by others. Content repositories leave me cold! :-)  I want those rich activity descriptions that include reflections on what worked and what didn't. I spent some time (a long time ago) researching case-based reasoning as a way to achieve this. Now looking at the workshop description I'm excited about the possibilities of the tools we will be exploring for sharing learning and teaching designs and ideas.

Sylvia Currie
15:35 on 10 October 2009

Hello there...My name is Leva Lee and I am a colleague of Sylvia's at BCcampus. I am the coordinator for  ETUG and our annual workshop events. This year's learning design theme is so intriguing especially when viewed from a variety of perspectives. I'm particularly interested in looking at how we can design the best learning experiences for  f2f and online environments and blend what we know from each to maximize interest and ongoing engagement for participants who come to our workshops.

Leva Lee
18:32 on 13 October 2009

Hi everybody,

I'm Gina Bennett & I coordinate distance learning activities for College of the Rockies. We are a small & very rural community college in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. To increase access to our students we offer a lot of online courses & we are one of the most technologically-outfitted colleges in the system so I am kept pretty busy (there is a certain amount of 'putting-out-fires' sort of work involved). What do I hope to get out of this workshop? New ideas about learning design, new approaches for working with learners, new avenues for increasing access to education beyond the Academy.

Gina Bennett
19:34 on 15 October 2009

I’m Meg Goodine, Learning Technologies Manager at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. My role involves supporting faculty at various levels of integrating technology into their teaching. With many new degrees and programs being developed at Kwantlen and more of an appetite for looking at flexible delivery, I am very interested in design models that will help us move beyond the tendency to dump some PowerPoints into Moodle, add a discussion forum, and call it an online or web enhanced course.  A tool that helps faculty, especially those who are new to designing for an online environment, to better understand and visualize the design process sounds very promising. I’m looking forward to having a chance to explore it.

I am also currently researching e-portfolio practices and tools as part of my final research paper to complete RRU’s  MA in Learning and Technology program.

Meg Goodine
21:13 on 15 October 2009

Hi I'm Rob Peregoodoff and I'm the manager of Learning Services at UBC's Sauder School of Business.  Having recently returned from a 6-year stint in Dubai in the Middle East with the HCT, i'm most interested in networking and getting to know more of the great folks working in Ed Tech in the province of BC.  My own personal interests at this time lie in 3-dimensional curriculum design.

Rob Peregoodoff
22:19 on 15 October 2009

Hello, I'm Carolyn Levy and I work as an instructional (learning?) designer on contract here in Vancouver, BC. Most recently, I've been working with Open School BC on a number of projects but am also working with private organizations to design and develop f-2-f and e-learning training. I'm most interested in learning more about new learning design ideas and also to hear from other designers about what's working and what's not. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to discuss learning design as a practice. My interests lie in systems theory and instructional design as well as the role of the ID in facilitating the design and development of courses. 

Beyond my life as an ID, I'm completely besotted with food and I'm working with an online cooking school that feeds my need to talk about food at any opportunity. 


Carolyn Levy
15:50 on 16 October 2009

Hi there! I'm Sarah Wareing. I am the coordinator for the new Diploma in Emergency and Security Management at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. What does a coordinator do? A bit of everthing: advise students, hire faculty, market the program, schedule the program, develop curriculum, and teach two or three courses. We've recently decided to put the program completely online, so I get to create that too, and since none of the courses have been taught face-to-face yet, we're starting completely from scratch. I used to be fairly up to speed on what was going on with technology and education and online learning, but for the three years prior to taking on this new program, I was coordinating a community-based program that was all face-to-face, so I'm feeling a bit behind the wave. I'll be working with instructors to design all the courses, so I'm looking forward to learning about some new tools and hearing about how others are using technology.

Sarah Wareing
15:54 on 16 October 2009

Hi! I'm Cindy Underhill and I'm a Learning Resource Designer with the Office of Learning Technology at the University of British Columbia. I'm interested in the concept of personal learning environments - mainly in the process of learners constructing their own - from imagining their goals and aspirations to identifying the resources and tools that can support their learning and development. Technology is an important enabler but (for me) the heart of the matter is the decision making process and reflection about the learning environment I am creating and participating in.  Most of the work I do is to support "informal" learning environments.

Cindy Underhill
16:00 on 16 October 2009

HI!  My name is Amanda Coolidge and I am a Technical Advisor at BCIT's Learning and Teaching Centre.  I am relatively new to Vancouver, officially one year old!  Prior to moving to Vancouver I was workin in Kenya with the Open University, UK, the African Virtual University and the BBC on an OER project, TESSA.  I was the Senior Educational Technologist on the TESSA Project, which is an OER portal for Teacher Educators across Sub Saharan Africa.  

Currently, as a Technical Advisor at BCIT I liase with instructors across the Institute, introducing them to various educational technologies, brainstorming solutions for their classroom, and teach a variety of hands on educational technology workshops.  I have also had the fortunate opportunity to project manage three, 3D modelling projects- which I will be discussing with Tannis Morgan at her session on Wed. morning.

I am really looking forward to connecting with various ETUG members, as I am a new committee member on ETUG.  I love the networking opportunities that the workshops provide and the opportunity to get away from the office and be engaged in LEARNING with my colleagues.  I hope to gain some further insight into learning design, the principles, processes, and outcomes.  

I look forward to meeting everyone!

For more information you can check out:

LTC Blog:

My personal blog:

Enjoy :)


Amanda Coolidge
16:01 on 16 October 2009

Hello, my profile says I'm an Anthony, but call me Tony.

I've always been a Geek, since 1972 in fact, in the dark beginnings when computers ran on diesel engines ;-) Now in 2009, it’s simply miraculous where computing has come. What mind-blowing advances have been made! Consequently, via the burgeoning power of the internet and shift in my interests over the years, my career has morphed into educational technology.

I have also become an idealist in my old age…

I believe that education should be freely available to all. And now, with rich online tools becoming available, and the advent of sites like the United Nations University, BCcampus, MIT’s free courses, etc. we are heading towards that ideal.

Hence my interest in this ETUG workshop: I always want to know more about how to make a student’s learning experience more rewarding, engaging, entertaining, motivating, and most importantly… effective.

Anthony Flavell
18:26 on 16 October 2009

Greetings all.

I'm Margot and I work with the Teaching & Learning team at VIU in Nanaimo as an Education Technology Assistant.  My career direction has shifted from somewhat from being a K-12 classroom teacher (both here and in Japan and China) to supporting staff and faculty with a variety of technologies.  I'm interested in learning what's 'out there' in terms of fresh strategies/perspectives/technology so that I can support others in creating rich and dynamic learning experiences as well as making some of my own!

Margot Croft
22:21 on 16 October 2009

Hi I'm John McLeod and am an instructional designer/facilitator for the faculty of Camosun College. Most of my experience has been working in secondary education both in Canada and abroad as well as working as an instructional designer for a small multi-media/eLearning company, and have only recently moved to higher education. I particularly enjoy looking at creative ways to provide learning experiences that look past the perceived division of f2f and online learning and instead focus on using the most appropriate tool for the learning objectives. I'm hoping that this workshop will start to connect me with others that are working in higher education and facing some of the associated challenges and joys.

John McLeod
22:43 on 16 October 2009

Hello! I'm Tracy Roberts - I'm an instructional designer for Royal Roads University (Victoria) and Chair of scetug (Steering Committee for etug). I live and work rurally, on the north end of Okanagan Lake, outside of Vernon, BC.

I am interested in developing great courses, programs, learning experiences, anything "instructional design-y (and lately, in the idea of "instructional un-design" as I get my head into things open and networky).  I'm interested in processes. Neat technology. Innovative uses of technology to support teaching and learning ("formal" and "informal"). And gadgets, I like gadgets. Could be electronic, but I also really like flipcharts and pens and post-its and paper.

What I hope to get out of the workshop:

  • a great learning experience, wherever it takes us
  • using this opportunity to design something (or maybe many things) that I need in the coming days - maybe the etug spring workshop, maybe some of the other things i've got on my plate (e.g., facilitation strategies for online synchronous sessions, an online workshop on polling/poll tools, an online workshop on RSS/start pages)
  • connecting with the great people of etug, hearing what people are up to, what they're interested in right now in Ed Tech. In part because I'm just curious, and in part because etug is always looking for information and ways to make ourselves relevant and supportive to the ed tech community in BC
  • human contact :) as i mentioned, I'm a telecommuter, I'm always online, so the chance to hang out with people is always great.

Tracy Roberts
02:21 on 17 October 2009


I'm Ron Johnson and my group supports program development and faculty development in the Learning & Teaching Centre at BCIT.  We are gradually moving more courses into online or blended delivery.  One strong interest is to develop a library of interactive and engaging online learning activities, with models to show faculty how to use them effectively.  I believe that teachers need scafolding to develop online teaching skills in the same way that we scafold students to develop their knowledge and skills.  I'm looking forward to seeing and trying new activities and technologies and sharing ideas about learning.

Regards to all,



Ron Johnson
01:35 on 19 October 2009

Hi: My name is Laura Proctor. I have recently retired from working in technical support at the University of Victoria. Teaching has been a large part of my career -  teaching computer programming and linguistics. I have used many different technologies in my teaching over the years and more recently have had a chance to explore many applications of technology in my work with faculty at UVIc. I have watched the development of the internet and am intrigued to see the many ways people have managed to use it. I'm looking forward to exploring this set of tools to see where it might lead me.


Laura Proctor
05:10 on 19 October 2009

Hi everyone!  My name is Tanya Elias.  I live in Kamloops, BC and am currently a stuying Instructional Design at Athabasca University.  I am looking forward to learning more about learning design.  I am particularly interested in the area of personalized learning environments.  I am also looking forward to the opportunity to meet people working in the field in British Columbia and to get a better idea of what itgoing on out there.

Tanya Elias
16:04 on 19 October 2009

Hello, I'm an instructional designer currently working at SAIT Polytech in S. Alberta and have also taught adult education certificate courses in ContEd at the UofC.   Originally, I'm a BC'er who worked in community ed & dev for 15+ years and then moved to AB in 2001 to do an MA in Adult, Community & Higher Ed.  As well as designing & teaching, I've had the opportunity to work as a researcher on a variety of interesting ed projects such as student experience of diversity and leadership in the new economy.  In this conference, I'm interested in learning more about other's learning design approaches & tools and to network with BC colleagues with a view to potential future collaborative projects. Donna DesBiens.

Donna DesBiens
16:08 on 19 October 2009

Hello!  My name is Jeff Miller, and I am the manager for Distance Learning with the Office of LearningTechnology at the University of British Columbia.  I also teach two courses in UBC's Masters of Educational Technology: Text Technology: The changing spaces of reading and writing; and the Design of Technology-supported learning environments.  I'm interested in issues relating to design, social media and digital literacy.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at the workshop!


16:15 on 19 October 2009

Hello Everyone:

I'm Karmen Blackwood from the Sauder School of Business at UBC. I am reponsible for open enrolment program development at Executive Education, and this includes short courses and seminars, certificate programs and even certain degree programs. I am trying to learn as much as I can about online learning design - what works well and why, how to design for engagement , etc. So far, all of our courses at Executive Education have been face-to-face. I am looking forward to learning with you and to coming away with new ideas and perspecitives.

Karmen Blackwood
16:30 on 19 October 2009 (Edited 16:33 on 19 October 2009)

Hi. My name is Afsaneh Sharif. I am interested in the application and integration of technology into the learning environment in a way that both enhances learning and makes it easy for instructors and students to use. I like to explore diversity and cultural challenges in an online environment, and how the visual representation of information aids learning. Particular interests: accessibility, community of learning, open education, and instructional/learning design.

I am here for learning and knowledge sharing!

Afsaneh Sharif
16:39 on 19 October 2009

Hi! I'm Victoria Wood, Project Manager at the UBC College of Health Disciplines.  I must begin by admitting that I am a bit out of my element here as I am slight technophobe.  However, I am currently working with a group of colleagutes to develop an online Interprofessional Pain Management course.  This is my first experience developing an online course and I am very excited at the possibilities that this medium is opening up for those of us trying to create opportunities for students from different disicplines to learn together, where scheduling is a perpetual barrier.  Therefore, I am looking forward to this and other opportunities to expand my knowledge in this area. 

Victoria Wood
17:04 on 19 October 2009

Hello everyone,

My name is Rosario Passos. As a fairly new Instructional Development Consultant at BCIT I work with a skilled team of practiitoners to support faculty in designing engaging learning and teaching in an online environment. The goal is to do this according to best practices, but best practices seems to be an ever evolving and sometimes ephemeral concept :-) Before that I worked in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribeean, developing local capacity in Open and Distance Learning design and implementation for both secondary and higher education institutions. Apart from work, I am an avid, albeit fairweather sailor, and I am currently working on my masters in distance education at Athabasca University. In my thesis work, I am hoping to explore the integration of learning objects and OERs into learning design, underpinned by instructional design theory in distance learning.

I am looking forward to meeting you all and to exploring social media use in online teaching and learning, more specifically in learning design. Most faculty I work with are eager to integrate new tools in their teaching and learning, but need a reference framework to support e-learning design.




Rosario Passos
17:10 on 19 October 2009

Hi.  I’m Caroline Alashhab.  I teach computer applications and computer related courses at Vancouver Community College.  I consider myself new in the world of e-learning as I haven’t used it yet in my teaching.  So, I’m looking forward to this workshop for exploring design methods and ideas, as well as possible activities that I can include in my courses.

Caroline Alashhab
20:58 on 19 October 2009

Hello All,

I'm Lynn Fujino and I am a program manager at UBC's Centre for Intercultural Communication. Having recently attained a Masters in Distance Education from Athabasca University, I now find myself  taking an interculturalist's approach to looking at how we design and develop our online and blended certificate courses here at the Centre. Not surprisingly, the biggest challenge I face is keeping up with what's available and determining what could be of benefit to our learners, so I am definitely looking forward to meeting everyone and learning from your experiences!

Lynn Fujino
21:08 on 19 October 2009

Hi Everyone,

I'm John Blackwell, .Faculty Emeritus at Douglas College, and VP of CIPS BC, a professional I.T organization.  Always interested in the latest techniques and innovations of online learning. Looking forward to the workshop. Conventional I.T. Cloud Computing has been huge the past 2 years, so anxiously anticipating this workshop at it applies to higher education learning design  and "Living in the Clouds"

21:30 on 19 October 2009

Hi everyone,

My name is Esther Hsu. I work as a an assistant at the Learning and Technology Services at Sauder School of Business, UBC with Rob Peregoodoff and Denise Withers. I recently received by BEd. and is quite new and interested to the world of learning design, engagement, and instructional design technologies. I look forward to meeting you all tomorrow!

Esther Hsu
21:56 on 19 October 2009

Hi, I'm Kathy Siedlaczek, and I'm an Instructional Development Consultant at the Learning & Teaching Centre at BCIT. I get involved in a variety of projects at BCIT, including program and curriculum development, instructional design, faculty development, and project management.  My interest is finding a way, in any project that I'm involved in, to integrate innovative teaching and learning approaches, and encouraging other faculty as they try to do the same.  There is a lot of variety in BCIT's programs, so no day is like another.  I'm looking forward to the ETUG conference to see how other people and institutions look at innovation in teaching and learning.


Kathy Siedlaczek
22:17 on 19 October 2009

Hi, I'm Quentin Beck, the Online Learning Community Coordinator for Simon Fraser University's (SFU) Work Integrated Learning (WIL), Online Learning Community (OLC).   Enough acronyms?  Work Integrated Learning includes Career Services, Co-operative Education, Volunteering and Community Based/Service Learning.   Our OLC in an interactive environment where members (students, alumni, university academics/staff and employers) are encouraged to share knowledge on areas of interest and professional development. 

My interests are in designing creative learning environments and creating activities and events that encourages interaction of members and collective knowledge building. 

Oh, and I am a mother of two young sons, having just recently returned to work from a maternity leave so I will be the one clutching desperately onto my coffee mug in the morning.

Quentin Beck
22:19 on 19 October 2009

My name is Grant Gregson and I am the Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Centre at the  Emily Carr University of Art + Design. The Teaching + Learning Centre’s primary focus is the support and assistance of faculty and staff with learning new technologies that are employed in the classroom, online environments and within their own research projects. I'm looking forward to this fall's ETUG workshop as it's always a pleasure to have the opportunity to review and reflect on what other colleagues are doing at their institutions. 

You can find out more of what I do, by visiting the Teaching and Learning Centre blog at or our main website at

Grant Gregson
23:18 on 19 October 2009

HI All,

My name is Grant Gregson and I am the Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Centre at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver. The Teaching + Learning Centre’s primary focus is the support and assistance of faculty and staff with learning new technologies that are employed in the classroom, online environments and their own research projects. I am looking forward to this fall's ETUG workshop, as it's a fantastic opportunity to review and reflect on a number of exciting initiatives brought about by a great group of people.

I tried adding a link to my blog, but it was flagged in an earlier attempt, so I won't hyperlink this one  -

Grant Gregson
23:30 on 19 October 2009


I'm Dennis Humphrey and I'm manager of the Educational Support & Innovation (ESI) division within the Learning & Instructional Development Centre (LIDC) at Simon Fraser University. My team and I provide assistance to instructional staff with learning design, technology integration and teaching enhancement.

I'm interested in spending a day in the clouds.

Dennis Humphrey
23:42 on 19 October 2009

Hi there, I am Ranga Venkatachary, Director of the Learning Centre in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC. I'm interested in media literacies, active learning, PBL and technology enabled learning space design principles. What do I hope to get out this workshop? I would like to find out as much as possible about the development of collaborative learning design and what such spaces - both real and virtual - do to shift thinking and expression among faculty and students and look at parameters and standards for evaluation. I look forward to learning more about the OU experience in this context - AND having some fun!

Ranga Venkatachary
02:24 on 20 October 2009

Hi, I'm Paul Stacey. I'm a director at BCcampus with a focus on providing services to support academic growth through development of online learning via partnerships  across all of BC's 25 public post-secondary institutions and professional learning opportunities via peer-to-peer exchange in online communities, workshops like this one, and beyond.

I recently took on some additional BCcampus responsibilities around communication and stakeholder relations and find myself thinking about websites and the communication component of ICT (Information Communication Technologies) with renewed interest and a slightly different perspective.

I'm thirsty for new ideas around the design of social learning. I'm particularly interested in design ideas that breakout beyond usual notions of learning for a geographical catchment area and instead design for globally distributed students and a learning experience that spans cultures.

I have some understanding of design as practised in literature (setting, character, plot, ...) and the visual arts (space, colour, geometry, ...) and am looking to see equivalent parameters in learning.

I'm also intrigued by the difference between learning design and instructional design.

Paul Stacey
02:54 on 20 October 2009

Hello all,

In my current role with UBC Continuing Studies, I work with a team to put courses online.  I get the fun technical side of this process and work with the coding, formatting and functionalities testing.  The more courses that we put up the more there is to learn about this environment.  I am keen to share what I can and learn what others are doing to give the students an enriching experience.  While the functionalities in a course is interesting, it is more important for the course to be properly designed.


Vanessa Cleary
03:37 on 20 October 2009

Hi, I'm Judy Southwell from Vancouver Island University and  work in educational technology at the Teaching and Learning Centre. I love looking a new ways of using technologies in teaching and learning for f2f and online activities.  I haven't used either of these applications before am looking forward to 'experiencing' them at ETUG and coming away with ideas about how these applications can used by faculty and students, alike.


Judy Southwell
04:28 on 20 October 2009

Hi: John Morrison. Curently Ed.D student at SFU but have worked in education and with technology for the last 20 years. Always curious to see approaches which support faculty in deploying educational technology.

John Morrison
04:36 on 20 October 2009

Hi ETUG Colleagues,

My name is Sheila Cooper and I work at Vancouver Island University.  I have the pleasure of having a variety of roles at VIU - Currently, I am working with a number of First Nations communities in our region to support online learning for those in communities.

I look forward to the ETUG workshops ahead, all new for me and it is great to see us applying  the learning immediately. I appreciate being in Vancouver with colleagues from around the province.

Bring it on! Sheila

04:46 on 20 October 2009 (Edited 04:48 on 20 October 2009)

Hi. I’m Mike Minions. I’m the educational technology coordinator at Okanagan College - which means I’m all things edtech to faculty at 4 campuses in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton and Salmon Arm.  I’ve lived in Kelowna since 1981 when I came to make tv commercials at CHBC-TV (a Canwest/Global station that is currently laying off all its employees). I did some time as the media production tech for the local school district, taught some courses for the faculty of education at OUC (now UBCO), and picked up a masters in Ed Tech from U of Calgary. I spend my days trying to help faculty cope with technological change and increasing student expectations all the while trying to nurture their emerging course design skills (‘cause it’s either them building their course or me). I seem to derive a peculiar sense of satisfaction from effective and aesthetic design, especially in educational multimedia. I guess I’m looking forward to hanging out with some people who share that affliction.

mike minions
05:43 on 20 October 2009

Greetings. I'm Stephanie Chu, Program Director at SFU's Learning & Instructional Development Centre and Special Projects Advisor to the AVPA. I'm always interested in learning about new learning possibilities and getting together with colleagues from other insitutions. I don't get out much.  ; )  The general topic of ETUG's fall workshop is of interest to me. Nothing specific.

Stephanie Chu
06:10 on 20 October 2009

Hi, my name is Amrit Mundy. I'm an instructional designer working on HR & Finance projects at UBC.The projects are challenging, interesting, and quite different from each other with regard to audience, instructors, goals, and hence design. I'm always looking for new frameworks of instructional and learning design, and design processes that provide me food for thought while working on such projects.

I look forward to learning, sharing, and hearing interesting ideas at the Workshop :).

Amrit Mundy
06:12 on 20 October 2009 (Edited 14:12 on 20 October 2009)

Hi Everyone.  I"m Jacqueline Bradshaw, a longtime ETUG member and Educational Technology Advisor and instructor for the Library & Information Technology program with Langara College.  As Ed Tech Advisor, I work with faculty to help them incorporate approproate technologies into their teaching & learning activities.   As instructor in Lib & Info tech, I will be teaching a brand new course in "Enhancing Library Web Pages with Media & Social Software'. So this workshop should be very timely and helpful for both roles.

Jacqueline Bradshaw
14:30 on 20 October 2009


I am Glen Bowden; Online Learning Specialist at NWCC and Online teacher and developer for North Coast Distance Education.  I live in New Hazelton, BC, and am new to working at the college level.

I am quite excited to learn about Cloudworks and to discovering many new things at ETUG.  Mostly, I am looking forward to meeting new people.

Glen Bowden
17:25 on 20 October 2009

Hi Everyone,

I'm Brian Wilson and I'm an Instructional Designer with the Office of Learning Technology at UBC. I'm looking forward to the next 2 days and getting a chance to hear about the many experiences everyone is having when using educational technology. One of the areas I'm particularly interested in is how methodology and technology interact and how technologies do, and don't, support instructors' views of what constitutes 'good teaching' & 'good learning' and the kinds of challenges this brings, and therefore how instructors can be supported.

Looking forward to working with you,


Brian Wilson
17:26 on 20 October 2009

I'm Bonnie Murray with Options for Sexual Health. I am part of a team in charge of the Applied Knowledge Program,. I develop  online learning for our volunteers and professional programs. Currently we are collaborating with BCIT in creating two courses for the new RN Certification. 

I hope to learn how to incorporate this framework to connect with other non-profit learning developers. Most non-profit organizations cannot afford a ''team' so working in isolation is sometimes frustrating. It would be beneficial for our particular niche to be able to exchange, share, and nurture knowledge creation on learning development.

17:36 on 20 October 2009

Hi all, great to be here. Like most of you,  I have been very rushed as of late and didn't get a chance to update myself as to what today's session however, I know that BCCampus always sets us up well. What I have learned about CW so far has been quite interesting. In fact, there was a point were I was trying to figure out a way to bridge social networking sites to our LMS at VCC...still haven't come up with anything that has enough merrit to build on. CW seems to serve as an alternative to both the LMS and social networking...will be interesting to see how I feel at the end of the day. :-)

Robin Popow
17:37 on 20 October 2009

Hi all!  I'm Justin Bonzo.  I work for the Faculty of Medicine at UBC and I'm a PhD student at Lancaster University in the eResearch and Technology Enhanced Learning programme.  My interest is in the collaborative and social aspects of learning with technology - specifically Web 2.0 as a type of grassroots approach to learning.

Justin Bonzo
17:39 on 20 October 2009

Hi, I'm Karen Belfer Dean for the Centre of Instructional Development and School of Instructor Education at Vancouver Community College.  I like coming to the ETUG conference to connect with colleagues and find out what everyone here is up to.

Karen Belfer
18:04 on 20 October 2009

Embedded Content


Gráinne Conole
4:32pm 10 October 2009

Hi Sylvie - thanks for the intro - sounds like you have very similar interests to me which is great! I also agree that content repositories are just not the answer. My belief is we need to in part mimic teacher practice, and stimulate/provoke/motivate/encourage.

Leva Lee
6:30pm 13 October 2009 (Edited 6:32pm 13 October 2009)

hi Grainne,

Testing things out...Look forward to meeting you!


Gráinne Conole
8:39am 14 October 2009

Hi Leva

yes I think the balance/mix of face-to-face/online is an important and challenging one!

Meg Goodine
9:17pm 15 October 2009

Oops.  I think I may have sent my "extra content" to the wrong spot. If so, apologies.


Gráinne Conole
7:18am 19 October 2009

Hi everyone! thanks for posting up your introductions - looking forward to meeting you all at the workshop.


Gráinne Conole
8:12am 20 October 2009

Hi this is going to be a great workshop! Such a wealth of expertise and experience. Clearly one of the most important things that is coming out is the workshop providing an opportunity for you all to get togetherc, chat, catch up, share experience - so I will make sure there is lots of opportunity for that. Also reading through your posts a number of themes of common interest are emerging:

  • Finding out more on the latest learning design research
  • Getting new ideas on how to use technologies and innovations in teaching and learning
  • Playing with new tools and exploring how they might be used by both faculty and studens alike
  • Keeping up with what is available and seeing how it can be applied for learners
  • "Learning what's 'out there' in terms of fresh strategies/perspectives/technology so that I can support others in creating rich and dynamic learning experiences as well as making some of my own!:
  • "I'm always looking for new frameworks of instructional and learning design, and design processes that provide me food for thought while working on such projects."

Gráinne Conole
8:13am 20 October 2009

@Dennis Humphrey

"I'm interested in spending a day in the clouds."

I think that has to be the winning quote ;-)


Jacqueline Bradshaw
2:27pm 20 October 2009 (Edited 2:28pm 20 October 2009)

Looking forward to it.

Barbara Berry
4:11pm 20 October 2009

Glad to be here and to learn more about the learning design research and to talk learning design.

4:49pm 20 October 2009

I'm in Cloud 9 now.

Robin Popow
6:04pm 20 October 2009

I feel naughty - my content has been flagged! Hopefully it will be approved for public viewing soon...

Gráinne Conole
7:56pm 20 October 2009

Lol @Robin - I have the power to approve and have done so! ;-)

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