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Discussion: What representations of the curriculum are you using?

Discussion coming from JISC Curriculum delivery and design meeting, Manchester Oct 09

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Rebecca Galley
13 October 2009

There are many projects looking at how we might usefully represent the curriculum. It is becoming increasingly important to communicate this information in a responsive and accessible way; in addition it is becoming clear that one representation will not fit all what representations are you using?

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Gráinne Conole
4:34pm 13 October 2009

Hi Rebecca thanks for setting this up - I'd really like to hear more about how people are doing this. We have set out some of the ways we have been representing the curriculum in our Open University work - from indivudal activity level up to whole curriculum level. From the discussions today on this it was evident that:

  • There are a multitude of representations for different purposes and different audience
  • Threre is a different between use of representation as product and as a process
  • There are lots of potentially innovative ways we could make the curriculum more explicit to students through more effective use of representation.

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