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Computer-marked assessment (science)

Give students instant feedback, and help them pace their study, with computer-marked assessments.

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17 June 2008

Where interactive computer-marked assessment (iCMA) is possible – questions with multiple choice, numerical, single word or single sentence answers – students like the immediacy of the feedback. Time-limiting the iCMA also give students a strong incentive not to fall behind.

In this course, there is one iCMA for each of the eight blocks, available for the block’s duration and for one week afterwards. Though summative assessment is not the primary reason for the iCMA, the cumulative score contributes to 20% of the final course mark. When students give an incorrect answer, they can make a second attempt, and if their second answer is also incorrect they are given a hint; thus they can make three attempts at each question. [Sally Jordan, Valda Stevens]

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