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How do people design?

Research into how people do learning design.

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Marion Manton
15 October 2009

After conversations at the JISC curriculum design and delivery meeting, here is some of the research in this area and I know the OU has done more, but not sure what is publicly availble.

Mira Vogel and Martin Oliver,  design in VLE report.

Liz Masterman  - generic tools for design Tools Report v1.1.pdf

Phoebe Evaluation report - not specifically about this, but there is a lot of useful data on the subject in here Evaluation Report 01 Sept 08.pdf?format=raw

we are currently doing more as part of the LDSE project but I am not sure if this has been written up yet.


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Rebecca Galley
1:21pm 15 October 2009

Hi Marion - thanks for setting up this Cloud. Certainly the OULDI-JISC project has been involved in mapping the curriculum design process across the OU. We will be putting these maps up on Cloudworks over the next couple of weeks and Paul Mundin is working on a 'how to' type guide which we will add to the Learning Design toolbox . The maps have generated an enormous amount of interest across the institution and are proving very useful in terms of understanding, sharing and reviewing the process. We are now beginning to look more closely at design practices within the process, for example the who, when, and how design decisions are made, and in response to what design criteria or problems.

Juliette Culver
7:15am 16 October 2009

I've added a couple of links that are hopefully relevant here (are they the sort of thing you are interested in?) - I'm at an event today but I'll try and add some more references later too. 

Marion Manton
8:32am 22 October 2009 (Edited 9:23am 22 October 2009)

Thanks Juliette these look sopt on, on reflection I have also added the Mod4L final report as a link. This is about representation rather than the practice of design, but I think in being such a comprehensive overview of representation (117 pages) it touches on practice.

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