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A new model of curriculum design that truly embraces the mediums associated with the internet

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Rob Peregoodoff
15 October 2009

Anyone else had this thought?  Why is it that we are continually applying a 19th century model of curriculum design, one based on a single linear pathway for all students to progress through, with common assessment points, that really only applies and lives when articulated using the medium of paper?  Does this still sound familiary, "Okay class, you will notice in the course outline that during this semester we will all be doing...blah, blah, blah... on October 5th, and we'll all be doing...blah, blah, blah...on November 8th, culminating in a final exam on December 7th."

My argument is simple.  Through the integration of technology, we can (and should) be creating three dimensional learning environments (NOTE: i am NOT talking about 3-D graphics or Second Life) whereby we establish multiple learning pathways that responds to an individual students learning styles (both catering for and challenging of) as well as a variety of assesment tools.

I have modeled these environments using very sophisticated selective-release tools in Bb Vista and my students absolutely loved the experience.

For the record, I think the "LMS/VLE is Dead" argument is a silly-one, in the sense that what the doomsayers are arguing for, mainstream education is far from ready to implement, regardless of how utopian the 'open' environment is.  And for me, the key argument is that these environments are NOT exclusionary, as many others such as Dan Stucke have argued.  Use the VLE as the unifying and organizational hub for the myriad of activities that we can be using to engage our students.  Just imagine your response to a parent, potential employer, or district administrator when they ask, "Can you please show me the activities that you have done with the students this semester?" and all you have are are series of email messages containing links to 30 different PLE's?

In conclusion, and what should be self-evident but I'll clarify it anyway, is that if anyone were to ask me to describe or demonstrate what I am talking about, and the medium of paper was the only one they gave me, they would not be happy with my response.  I'll never forget in 1998 being told that my final master thesis could not 'exist' on the internet as there HAD to be a bound hard-copy on the shelf in the library...morons...

Contact details: Rob Peregoodoff, UBC Sauder School of Business

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