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Cloud created by:

Rebecca Galley
16 October 2009


Day one: 12.30 – 5pm with buffet lunch on arrival

Day two: 9am – 12.30pm


University of Ulster:

Alan Masson, Sharon Hayes, Fiona Doherty, Karen Virapen, James Gheel, Damien McConville or Catherine O’Donnell

University of Strathclyde:

Catherine Owen, others to be confirmed

Open University:

Grainne Conole, Simon Cross, Paul Mundin, Juliette Culver, Rebecca Galley, Paul Clark, Andrew Brasher

Critical friend:

Peter Bullen

In addition: Helen Beetham and Alison Muirhead (JISC) will be facilitating sessions on the 11th

Day one: Base line review and Evaluation

12.30    Arrival and lunch

13.30    Welcome and introduction (Rebecca Galley)

13.45    Base line report activity (Helen Beetham)

15.00    Tea

15.15    Evaluation challenges and solutions (Alison Muirhead)

17.00    Close

Day two: Open University Design Initiative workshop

9.00     Welcome and introduction (Gráinne Conole)

9.15     Cloudquest activity and key evaluative questions (Rebecca Galley)

10.00    Design problem Design solution (Simon Cross)

11.00    Morning coffee

11.15    Course representations (Grainne Conole)

11.45    Curriculum Mapping Phase 1 & 2 (Paul Mundin)

12.15    Close

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