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Video commentary on philosophical arguments

Use a narrator, with graphic cues, to talk students through the analysis of a deductive argument or other textual material.

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17 June 2008

Most students find it difficult to analyse deductive arguments, such as are found in the philosophy of Plato, especially when they are presented in discursive form. If given an exercise, intended to help them learn, they may simply skip to the answer rather than engage with the content. This video-based activity uses talks students through analysis of the arguments, and also forces them to respond to questions before continuing. The arguments are presented either as mini-plays, the dialogue spoken by actors, or as on-screen text, with parts highlighted by colours or displayed side-by-side for comparison. A narrator adds observations or evaluations about the arguments, and asks questions (eg “What premise was put forward here?”) which the student must answer from multiple choice responses before the next video clip is presented. [Carolyn Price]

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