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Resource: Navigating the site

Tips for navigating around Cloudworks

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Rebecca Galley
19 October 2009

The front page. The front page shows a rolling list of particularly active Clouds on the right hand side, featured Cloudscapes are presented in the middle panel and below this, Cloudstreams for Clouds, Cloudscapes, Comments, Links, References and Extra content can be seen. Click on the ones that interest you.  RSS feeds can be set up for each of these at the bottom of the front page.

Search engine. If you are looking for something specific then it is usually quickest to use the site search engine. Enter a word or phrase, and Clouds and Cloudscapes which include that word or phrase in the title or summarytwill be listed. Click on one of these to open it.

Using the tabs at the top of the page.

Clouds. You can get a list of all the Clouds in the site by clicking on the' Clouds' tab at the top of the page. A title and brief summary for each Cloud is provided. Click on the link to go to the Cloud.

Cloudscapes. Clicking on the 'Cloudscapes' link lists all the Cloudscapes in the site, as with individual Clouds a brief description of each Cloudscape is provided. Clicking on a particular Cloudscape will take you into it and will show all the Clouds associated with that Cloudscape.

Tags. If you are browsing (rather than looking for something specific in which case use the search engine) click on the 'tags' link. This will take you to a tag 'cloud' which is ordered according to the popularity of the tag. Click on the tag that interests you for a list of Clouds and Cloudscapes asscociated with that word. You can set up an RSS feed to be updated with any new content added associated with that tag eg new Clouds and Cloudscapes associated with assessment.

People. If you are looking for people from a certain institution, or are looking for a specific person, click on the 'people' tab. You will be asked whether you want to search by name or institution. Once you have found the name you are looking for click on the person to see their profile. Click on 'Follow' to follow them. You can also search for content by looking at people's profiles and seeing what Clouds they have set up or are following and keep up to date with their activity by setting up an RSS feed.


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