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Creating an account and profile

Introduction to creating an account and getting started on Cloudworks

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Rebecca Galley
19 October 2009

Creating a user account. You can view everything available on the site, but if you want to create Clouds or Cloudscapes or if you want to add comments, links, content or references, then you need to create an account. Once you have created an account you can ‘follow’ both people and Cloudscapes.

'Following'. In order to get the best out of the site it is a great idea to begin to follow a few Cloudscapes, clouds and people that interest you as soon as you register. Use the 'tags' link at the top of the page, the Cloudscapes tab or the site search engine to find topics that interest you. Open the Cloudscape/ cloud and click on follow - you can always unfollow if you change your mind. . Find people using the 'people' tab at the top on the page and follow in the same way.

Email alerts. You will be sent email alerts when someone adds something to a Cloud you have contributed to or a Cloudscape you are following, or if someone starts to follow you. These alerts are an excellent way of keeping in touch with what is happening. If you want to change your email preferences, do so here.

Setting up a profile. Once you have registered, you can set up a profile and include some information about yourself. Your profile page automatically includes your personal Cloudstream, the Clouds you have added, the Cloudscapes and people you are following, and who is following you. All the Clouds created by the people and Cloudscapes you are following are also collected under your Cloudstream.

Extra content

There is also a short three-minute video about cloudworks - cloudworks the movIe.

Gráinne Conole
09:41 on 20 October 2009 (Edited 09:44 on 20 October 2009)

There is also a 30-minute presentation plus audio about cloudworks.

Gráinne Conole
12:20 on 6 November 2009

Comprehensive information on 'how to' use Cloudworks is here

Giota Alevizou
13:40 on 6 November 2009 (Edited 15:18 on 9 April 2010)

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E,A, Draffan
12:35pm 2 August 2010 (Edited 12:36pm 2 August 2010)

I am just wondering how you can add tags to profiles so that you can search for people based on their expertise or interests etc?  Is the only way to make a cloud about an interest and encourage people to comment?

Rebecca Galley
9:05pm 2 August 2010 (Edited 9:08pm 2 August 2010)

Hi there, you go to your profile page and click on 'add a tag' (on the right of the profile page). You get to your profile page by clicking on the red tab with your name on (towards the top right of this page), then click on 'my profile'.

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