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Hints and tips about sharing on Cloudworks

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Rebecca Galley
19 October 2009


Cloudworks is not a repository and you cannot upload your files to Cloudworks but you can easily link to files and content stored elsewhere on websites such as Flickr, Slideshare, YouTube  etc. These files can be shared by linking, embedding or added in the text as a hyperlink.

Text. To add text to a Cloud, either click on 'Add content' (if your text is informational) or add text to the 'Contribute' box further down (if your text is conversational).

Links. To link to another web page, just click on 'Add link' which can be found towards the top of the page. The links you have added will appear in the middle column beside the discussion.When you add a link you will be asked to give the link a title (so other people will know what it is) and the URL (webpage address i.e. http://www. cloudworks...).

Embeds. If you want the document, video or slideshow to viewed from the Cloud, rather than just linked to, you can add it by clicking 'Add embedded content''. Again, you will be asked for a descriptive title and the URL. The following sites are supported by this embed function:

Hyperlinks. Most links will be created by 'add link' as above, but occassionally it will be more appropriate to create a hyperlink in the text, for example if you want to create a link to help explain something you're discussing. To do this highlight a word or phrase while editing, and then click on the chain icon. You will be asked for the URL and whether you want the hyperlink to open in a new or the same window.  If you create a hyperlink the link will not appear with other links, only in the text.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

As detailed in the Terms and Conditions, when you add content or comment all your rights are reserved by default.  However work linked to, hyperlinked to, or embedded will be covered by the permissions set on the  'host' site i.e. Flickr, YouTube etc. It is important that you adhere to the permissions given on this site.  For example, if you embed a photograph from Flickr it must be your own photo, or one that you have permission to upload, or published under a Creative Commons licence and properly attributed. When you refer to someone else’s ideas or theories then they must be referenced, or attributed as is appropriate to the work. Where appropriate and available create a ‘link-back’ to the original online source.

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Nick Freear
5:18pm 3 June 2010

I did some maintenance on the embedding functionality today.

Slideshare and others should be more reliable, and we've added support for and Scribd. Unfortunately, we no longer support embeds of blog posts, Qik or Imdb.

Any problems, please email

Our thanks go to

Enjoy! Nick

Sandrine Aguerre
3:50pm 8 April 2011


I think embedding sounds great, but for newcomers (like me), it would be nice to have a link to a cloud or two with embedded content, just to enable us to have a glimpse at how it looks like to have content embedded. I know it must look like in any site or blog, but I like to make sure before doing it. I tried to browse cloudworks randomly, but either not many clouds have embedded content, either I've been unlucky (or didn't try long enough), but I didn't come across an example.

I find the list of the supported websites very useful, so thank you for it.


Nick Freear
7:28am 22 April 2011


Good point Sandrine. Please take a look at the Demoing embeds Cloud, for a number of examples.

Best wishes,


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