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Copyright and Intellectual Property

Introduction to issues around copyright relating to Cloudworks

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Rebecca Galley
19 October 2009

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

Cloudworks is a place to share, find and discuss learning and teaching ideas and experiences and by default all comments and content added are currently All Rights Reserved  (although you will soon be able to choose to be covered by a  Creative Commons Attribution or Attribution-Non-commercial licence instead). Creative Commons licences are designed to make sharing and collaboration easier.

Embeds and links

It is worth noting though that Cloudworks is not a repository, this means that it is not possible to upload files to the site. All documents, slideshows, videos etc must be hosted on another site (such as Flickr or Slideshare) and linked to, or embedded into a Cloud (example - scroll down). All work linked or hyperlinked to, or embedded will be covered by the permissions set on the  'host' site i.e. Flickr, YouTube etc. It is important that you adhere to the permissions given on the host site.  For example, if you embed a photograph from Flickr it must be your own photo, or one that you have permission to upload, or published under a Creative Commons licence and properly attributed. When you refer to someone else’s ideas or theories then they must be referenced, or attributed as appropriate to the work. Where appropriate and available create a ‘link-back’ to the original online source.


Extra content

Embedded Content


Will Pollard
10:29am 30 October 2012

This seems a very sensible approach. Knowledge Unlatched based at the Work Foundation have looked at various implications for copyright. I think academic publishing will follow some of the patterns of the music industry. At some point the promotional advantages of being visible influence the tolerance for flexibility.

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