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Using Twitter in Cloudworks

Hints and tips for using Twitter with Cloudworks

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Rebecca Galley
19 October 2009

Using Twitter with Cloudworks allows for discussion which can be faster and more dynamic, and which pulls in people from a wider community. You may decide to incorporate Twitter into your Cloudscape when you want to include a wider discussion about a key question or issue. For example, Twitter can be used during workshops or conferences and be added to your Conference or workshop Cloudscape. The resulting discussion can be academically or creatively interesting in itself, and provide an excellent snapshot or record of the event or learning. Please note that although you can add a Twitter stream to a Cloudscape, you can not add one to a Cloud and you can only add to a Cloudscape you have created or been given editing permission for.

You will need to create a Twitter account if you don’t already have one.

(#) Hash tags. Hash tags are designed to create groupings on Twitter. Anyone joining a discussion about your Cloudscape will add your #tag to the message and it will be picked up and added to your Cloudscape Twitter stream. You create a hash tag by prefixing a short word with a # symbol like this - #cloudworks. Choose a #tag word which is short and relevant to the theme of your Cloudscape i.e. for the LAMS 2009 European Conference we chose #LAMS. Then add you #tag to your Cloudscape (in the Cloudscape edit window).

Promoting your #tag. You then need to tell people in the Twitter community that they can join the discussion at use your tag. If you are an established Twitterer and already have people following you that would be interested in commenting on your Cloudscape then update your Twitter status with a link to the Cloudscape and your hash tag. If you want to promote your Cloudscape more widely then search for communities in Twitter who may also be interested in your Cloudscape i.e. by searching themes such as learning, assessment etc. and invite their group (using their hash tag at the start of your update and yours at the end). It is likely that you will need to continue to promote your #tag over time and as your discussion develops.

When people start using your hash tag in their tweets they will appear in the stream on the right of your Cloudscape page.

Twitter archives. Your Twitter stream will only last a couple of months and then disappear so we recommend that you use a Twitter archive such as TwapperKeeper . You will then need to add your TwapperKeeper archive URL as a hyperlink in your Cloudscape description.

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