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Activity: Making a design more collaborative using CSCL collaboratitve pedagogical patterns

Use of the CSCL pedagogical patterns language

Cloud created by:

Gráinne Conole
19 October 2009

This activity aims to help you make a resource or learning activity more collaborative in nature. It uses the CSCL collaborative pepedagogical patterns language developed at the University of Valladolid by Hernández-Leo et al. The Appendix attached as a link to this cloud include ten collaborative pedagogical patterns - such as the Jigsaw, Brainstorm and Think-Pair_Share patterns.

  • Choose a resource or learnig activity
  • Reflect on how it might be improved (you may want to consider representing the design visually in something like CompendiumLD)
  • Explore the CSCL collaboraive patterns and use these as a basis for making the resource or activity more collaborative

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