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Evaluation: ETUG workshop, 20th October

evaluation of the ETUG workshop 20th October 2009

Cloud created by:

Gráinne Conole
19 October 2009

Use this cloud to reflect on the ETUG workshop, post your responses as comments here or use the post-its provided.

  • What three words would you use  to describe:
    • CompendiumLD
    • Cloudworks
  • What did you like about the format and content of the workshop?
  • What didn’t you like or could be improved?
  • What action points are you going to do as a result of the workshop?

Extra content

Our post It notes: What three words would you use  to describe CompendiumLD

  1. flexible
  2. idea-provoking
  3. practical
  1. fisual
  2. modular
  3. linear
  1. potential
  2. non-intuitive
  3. complicated
  1. powerful
  2. complex
  3. useful
  1. good design tool
  2. good organizational tool
  3. blank
  1. clunky
  2. scaffolding
  3. visual
  1. limited
  2. visual
  3. challenging
  1. complex
  2. potential
  3. grounded
  1. forces linear
  2. not neutral
  3. complicated
  1. design
  2. project
  3. management
  1. revisable
  2. specific to learning
  3. swell
  1. great framework
  2. powerful
  3. for design work
  1. has
  2. useful
  3. potential
  1. helpful
  2. good visualization
  3. I'll use it
  1. visual
  2. flexible
  3. powerful
  1. visual image
  2. easy to learn
  3. archive
  1. recording
  2. collaboration
  3. relational
  1. need
  2. more
  3. exploration
  1. graphic
  2. clarify
  3. communicate
  1. visual
  2. obvious links
  3. like mind mapping
  1. multi leveled
  2. flexible
  3. adaptable
  1. mind mapping for ID people!
  2. attractive interface
  3. a bit confusing
  1. lots of possibility
  2. flexible
  3. visual
  1. rich
  2. detailed
  3. multi level



Sylvia Currie
13:20 on 21 October 2009

Post It Notes: What three words would you use  to describe Cloudworks

  1. relatively user-friendly
  2. solo-user
  3. visual
  1. unique
  2. reframing
  3. a bit confusing
  1. interconnected
  2. repository
  3. knowledge
  1. colaborative
  2. expanding
  3. useful
  1. rich
  2. non-intuitive
  3. exploratory
  1. ease in linking ideas
  2. ease /w documents
  3. events
  1. text
  2. heavy
  1. intuitive
  2. powerful
  3. innovative
  1. multi-faceted
  2. layered
  3. collaborative
  1. simplify
  2. forces organisation
  3. overview
  1. library
  2. best practices
  3. network
  1. great discussions
  2. collaborative
  3. informative
  1. collaborative
  2. community
  3. resourceful
  1. well-textured
  2. collective
  3. contralised
  1. used with educators
  2. more permaning than a wiki
  3. quick and easy to set up
  1. dynamic
  2. divergent
  3. tsunami-like
  1. open
  2. welcoming
  3. rich
  1. collaborative
  2. various
  3. new (technology again)
  1. not mad about the "cloud" language
  2. not initially accessible
  1. collaborative
  2. documenting
  3. integrating
  1. text-based
  2. collaborative
  3. comprehensive
  1. very
  2. rich
  3. artefacts
  1. collections
  2. top down
  3. expandable
  1. collaborative
  2. group
  3. work
  1. complex
  2. mind-boggling
  3. not for me
  1. collaborative
  2. learning
  3. design
  1. structureless
  2. flexible
  3. unintegrated addition
  1. lots
  2. of
  3. stuff
  1. unstructured
  2. gentle
  3. omnidirectional
  1. collaborative
  2. ease-of-use
  3. functional
  1. community
  2. network
  3. resource
  1. flexible
  2. collaborative
  3. learn!
  1. repository
  2. ideas
  3. discussion
  1. excellent
  2. pre/post event
  3. space


Sylvia Currie
13:35 on 21 October 2009

Our post-it notes: What did you like about the format and content of the workshop?

  • groupwork
  • great people, great ideas, and play time
  • room made for discussions
  • playing with the tools
  • introduction to new tools and ideas, and discussions
  • group discussions and ideas
  • using and learning about 2 new tools: cloudworks and compendium LD
  • large group, lots of activity
  • loose and interactive
  • I like taxonomies, e.g. a taxonomy for collaborative activities
  • flexibility, netoworking, new tools
  • great prep, doing what we are learning, discussions with colleagues
  • enthusiasm of Grainne, great to meet with other colleagues!
  • relaxed atmosphere
  • instigated some good dialogue with colleagues and came away with some new ideas
  • lots of experiential activity
  • great networking and sharing of ideas
  • format and content of the workshop was ver relaxed and intriguing at the same time. Loved the pace!
  • room setup, informal nature
  • prompted interesting conversations
  • homework, making design visible, real examples from colleagues
  • covered a lot, choice of what to pursue
  • venue, networking
  • I liked how flexible Grainne was - always getting feedback for what next
  • open discussions
  • flexible format, options, conversation, practice, applications
  • oppportunties to discuss and work with others
  • the workshop was very interactive
  • very organized presentation, pedagogy views, design views
  • opportunity to experiment, sharing ideas with colleagues from other places, seeing what others have done
  • discussions were extremely useful!
  • group activities and discussions
  • workshop was semi-structured and responsive to learners' interests
  • provided plenty of time to share in semi-directed tasks
  • chat time, intro to tool, format

Sylvia Currie
13:50 on 21 October 2009

Our post-it notes: What didn’t you like or could be improved?

  • more time to explore both tools
  • challenging to learn new technologies
  • need more macro design at program level
  • need taxonomy of pedagogies, relevance to field of study
  • need to see compendium map side by side with finished product
  • barely scratched the surface
  • need tighter timelines on group discussions?
  • hmmmm, not sure
  • perhaps of layer demo on compendium ID to better understand value
  • assumed understanding of cloudworks and other technologies
  • don't like (what seems like) overly reductionist view of learning design
  • would have liked more practical discussion vs tool concentration
  • more structured tasks, program so large could only skim
  • feel like I need an LD coach
  • examples of cloudworks focused on specific outcome, not topic
  • need more discussion of lace of impact of ed tech
  • learning curve to cloudworks (while figuring it out hard to focus on presentation, activities)
  • complexity of activity
  • good to know about the tool but less time on it and more on actual patterns would be great
  • intro to compendium left me hanging - didn't really know where to start
  • not sure how cloudworks fits into ETUG context
  • need to see where slides/sites are during presentation
  • not easy to hear or see
  • would have been nice to have a summary
  • need more modelling before use, as was done for pedagogical patterns


Sylvia Currie
14:05 on 21 October 2009

Our post-it notes: What action points are you going to do as a result of the workshop?

  • better understanding of faculty support and engagement
  • some great resources (love that I can go bck to Cloudscape)
  • use compendium to create a facilitator guide and other curricular supports
  • looking forward to collaborating with peers and implementing a framwork at my workplace
  • explore wikieducator and evernote
  • be more conscientious about documenting and sharing maps and visualizations of programs, courses, and resources
  • determine methods to carry on learning in both Cloudworks and Compendium at a distance
  • collaborative patterns will be useful
  • learn to use Compendium LD, play in the clouds, share with co-workers
  • explore Compendium LD some more, find an existing course to map out
  • expand my PLE, connect with people I met today
  • learn more about compendium to see how can use with SMEs during design, explore more clouds in Cloudworks
  • map some existing coures using Compendium, create some example activity plans for proposed courses using compendium, tell others about cloudworks
  • play more with Compendium
  • learn Compendium
  • will use Compendium with a SME to map out an activity
  • consider design visualizers as templates
  • think about research, alternatie holistic learning design models
  • learn something about learning design theory

Sylvia Currie
16:38 on 21 October 2009

Embedded Content


9:54pm 20 October 2009

1.explore/incorporate Cloudworks. 2. Try to find the time to learn the abilities of CompendiumLD

Gráinne Conole
10:05pm 20 October 2009 (Edited 1:36pm 21 October 2009)

Summary of the plenary session 20th October 2009

  • Appreciated time to introduce us to some new tools
  • What new things are out there? and some example and chance to play
  • Appreciated the chance to get a sense from the group what everyone things what design is =- can explore more
  • Debate model about these issues
  • Appreciated that this is all document and so can go back and continue the conversation
  • The essence for me at the beginning - the paradoxes - but sums up what we are struggling with. Good to see that others are having problems too
  • We have had alot of emphasis on how to use technologies but also need to explore the instructional design aspects more, need to embed this more

Gráinne Conole
10:07pm 20 October 2009 (Edited 1:37pm 21 October 2009)

Additional comments from plenary session

  • We are still in the infancy of exploration of learning design
  • How do we move beyond theoretical aspects around design towards real application
  • Aspiration is to aspire to uniqueness of design rather than content

Caroline Alashhab
9:30pm 27 October 2009

CompendiumLD looks easy to use and very useful.  I will try  it with my next new course.

I enjoyed the group discussions and I learned a lot from everyone.

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