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Discussion: ETUG Workshop Ideas

Gather ideas for the ETUG Spring Workshop to be held in June, 2010

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Sylvia Currie
21 October 2009

As part of the Learning Design Workshop a group of ETUG members decided to focus the next workshop as a design project. We talked about format and venue, and reflected on the current and past workshops and what made them successful. We also began to gather ideas for workshop themes, and the important topics that are on our minds these days. But most importantly, we wanted to find ways to find out YOUR ed tech hot topics. What are your burning issues? debate topics? 

Add your ideas here, or on twitter using this tag: #etugidea

Really go crazy adding your ideas! We will consider these topics for the Spring Workshop as well as planning for online discussions.

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Sylvia Currie
4:27pm 21 October 2009

Mobile Learning

Here is a brainstorm a group at the Learning Design Workshop had of some possible topics around mobile learning:

- supporting IT
- iphone apps
- showcase of what is happening in the province (i.e. BCIT has a project, Kwantlen doing moodle mobile)
- survey of hardware devices - kindle, wii, phone, itouch, pda, etc
- adoption (Horizon Report)
- streaming video
- flash animation
- interactivity
- cloud computing
- geo everything
- augmented reality (i.e. level)
- universal course design - designing for every situation, including mobile
- back channel, clickers,
- integrating mobile devices in f2f
- pedagogical paproaches and theories for mlearning
- gaming for learning
- reflective learning - building in to design for mlearning
- mobile in developing countries (Traxler, John)
- definition - what do we mean by elearning and mobile

Glen Bowden
5:29pm 21 October 2009


One valuable tool I have been using with faculty in assisting them in developing content is eXe from  This pen source content editor works well in D2L, moodle and blackboard.  It is a tool that faculty who may have fears about adopting technologies are willing and able to easily and quickly work with. 

I would be interested in discussing the value of this tool.  Has anyone else made use of it? Or is anyone interested in seeing how we have used it, and how it works?

Gráinne Conole
8:18pm 23 October 2009

Hi Sylvia dunno what you were trying to add in - seems to be giving some strange code - are you trying to embed something?

Sylvia Currie
9:10pm 23 October 2009

Doesn't look so good, does it! I was trying to embed the code for a twitter search widget for 'etugidea'. When I use the "add embedded content" link I only have option to enter a URL and no place to put the embed code. So I thought I'd try the "extra content" option.

Gráinne Conole
10:24pm 23 October 2009


we are having some problems with some embedding functions - will contact Juliette and Nick to see if they can work some magic. The add embed function works with some of the more standard embed things like images, videos and presentations. For the meantime i will set up a twapperkeeper and add here - which gives you a permanent archive of all the tweets. Jst note it doesnt appear immediately there is a delay in setting it up and it appearing.

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