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Library School - Professionalisering voor Nederlandse bibliothecarissen

On-the-job training initiative for innovative librarians, combining formal and informal learning, through networked learning.

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Steven Verjans
22 October 2009

Students, staff and on-line learning network of the Library School are all set now to start exploring the Library School learning pathway in Umbria next week. The Library School is a new school, founded by Association of Public Libraries (VOB) in collaboration with CELSTEC, for librarians who work in a managerial position in a public library and who want to become an innovator in their profession.

Introduction meeting
On September 7th the selected quartermasters and front runners of the Library School met for the first time in Utrecht. They were informed on the setup of the Library School Pilot. This pilot will end in January 2010. Part of the meeting was a videoconferencing with programme coordinators of several OU-faculties in Heerlen who gave a short presentation.

Learning network
In the weekend of September 20th the on-line learning network of Library School, tailor made by CELSTEC, was opened. In this network organizers and participants meet, exchange information, collaborate and discuss.

Learning activity
On September 25th the first learning activity of Library School will get started. A group of about 15 quartermasters and coaches leave for Umbria. There they will actively participate in the further design of the Library School. The Association of Public Libraries (VOB) organized the programme in collaboration with CELSTEC and Inspirationworks. The programme is shaped in a ‘Cammino’. This means literally ‘journey’ or ‘road’ as a metaphore of the road that the quartermasters have to go to create the Library School.

End goal
The final destination of the road is the innovation of library work. The public library sector needs to develop the attituted and competences for permanent, high quality innovation ánd therefor Libraries need ‘new librarians’. The Library School combines the two needs and chooses an approach that combines learning, working and innovating.

Part of the programme in Umbrië will be taken care of by CELSTEC’s Marlies Bitter en Steven Verjans.

More on the Library School (in Dutch) on the VOB-site.
Or download the brochure in Dutch (pdf) or the brochure in English (pdf).

Contact details: Steven Verjans

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