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How to set up a Cloud or Cloudscape

Basic guide to setting up a Cloud or Cloudscape, and the difference between the two

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Rebecca Galley
22 October 2009

What are Clouds and Cloudscapes?

A Cloud could be an idea, tool, question, advice or learning design. For example a brief introduction and a link to a new mindmapping tool, or a question about how you might use Twitter in the classroom successfully. It could also be a session at a conference or workshop activity and contain your slideshow, a discussion stream and links to relevant research and academic references.

You might set up a Cloudscape when you want to bundle together several ideas, tools, activities (Clouds) together. For example for your own use you may want to pull together all Clouds relating to e-assessment, or several activities that relate to one workshop. Clouds can belong to any number of Cloudscapes. If you are still not sure of the difference between a Cloud and a Cloudscape you may find it useful to watch this short video

The functionality of Clouds and Cloudscapes. 

Cloudscape: a collection of Clouds

  • Favourite the Cloudscape
  • Follow the Cloudscape
  • Add dates (and the Cloudscape will appear in events listing)
  • Mark as attending (for Cloudscapes with dates) – for entirely online conferences this function can be used for registration.
  • RSS feed
  • View Cloudstream
  • Add tags
  • Add Clouds
  • Sort Clouds into sections (where there are a lot of Clouds in a Cloudscape they can be sorted into categories under tabs. For a conference this might be by day, theme, type of Cloud etc)
  • Upload a picture
  • Add a Twitter feed

Cloud: for discussion, sharing and debate around a learning design, question, idea or theme.

Setting up a Cloud

This is really quick and easy to do. To set up a Cloud either go to a Cloudscape you want to add to and click on "Create Cloud in this Cloudscape" or if you want your Cloud to stand alone, click on the Cloud tab at the top of the page and then click on "+Create a Cloud"

Setting up a Cloudscape

To set up a Cloudscape click on the Cloudscape tab and then "+Create a Cloudscape"

To add Clouds to your Cloudscape

Go to those Clouds and click on "Add to a Cloudscape". Chose the Cloudscape you wish to add it to the Click "Add to Cloudscape".

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Chris Kirkland
6:34am 22 June 2010

How to keep track of a cloudscape once I have created it?

Gráinne Conole
7:19am 22 June 2010

Hi Chris, anything you create appears on your profile page - which lists the clouds and cloudscapes you have created and at the bottom of your profile page is your activity stream which shows anything you have done on the site, listing the most recent things at the top. Notice at the bottom of the page there is an RSS button show you can set up an RSS feed for everything you create or alternatively each cloudscape has an RSS feed. Hope this helps!

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