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Stall: Visualisation and representations

Resources to support the Brunel Blended Design Workshop

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Rebecca Galley
22 October 2009

This Cloud has been set up to aggregate tools, resources and discussion around Visualisation and representation of the Curriculum at three levels:

  • Curriculum
  • Module or unit
  • Activity

The Brunel Blended Design workshop will focus on representing at module or short course level but it should be noted that less work has been done around representing at this level. It is likely that you will take tools and strategies from both the Curriculum and Activity level 'toolboxes'.


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Simon Cross
3:30pm 9 November 2009

Hopefully you've all had a chance to try out visualising with CompendiumLD and the other tools by this stage in the workshop - perhaps use this disucssion area to comment on your team's experiences with these tools? 

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