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Presentation: Conole - Design in practice: aligning ‘design creativity’ with ‘design practice’

Presentation at the TechItUp conference, Kamloops, 23rd October 2009

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Gráinne Conole
23 October 2009

Design in practice: aligning ‘design creativity’ with ‘design practice’

New technologies offer exciting possibilities for education: new forms of communication and collaboration, rich, multimedia resources, immersion in authentic virtual worlds and gaming environments. However understanding how to use these technologies and how to design courses which capitalize on their potential is far from trivial. Furthermore, despite the fact that designing learning activities is a core aspect of education, the design process is purely understood and there is a tension between design creativity versus design planning. At the Open University in the UK we have a research and development initiative (the Open University Learning Design Initiative, which is developing a range of tools, methods and approached to help teachers and developers make more pedagogical informed and effective use of new technologies. The session will describe the initiative and work to date. In particular it will describe CompendiumLD a tool we have developed for visualizing and guiding the design process and Cloudworks a social networking site for sharing learning and teaching ideas. It will also outline how this work is feeding into a related project, Olnet ( which is a global network to facilitate researchers and users of Open Educational Resources.

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Tech It Up Conference Presentation on slideshare

Tech It Up Conference Presentation on slideshare

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