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Resource: Pedagogy (including assessment)

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Rebecca Galley
23 October 2009

This Cloud has been set up to aggregate tools, resources and discussion around pedagogy in Blended Learning.

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Anu Sharma
12:08pm 29 October 2009

Hi All

Have you ever considered the way in which you use technology and how this compliments your teaching and students' learning? All too often it is very easy to use technology, simply because others are doing so, but does this actually add value?

Take a moment to consider what you actually want to achieve and how technology can help facilitate this.

Why not take a look at the screen casts which I have made available as links? These provide an overview of how you can promote pedagogical considerations such as collaborative learning and feedback when using Brunel's VLE (u-Link).

There will be a stall set up on the day which will give you an opportunity to discuss pedagogical uses of technology.

Gráinne Conole
12:09pm 29 October 2009

Hi Anu

great screen casts! I have added a link to a blog post I did some time back on the educational considerations booklet. A great set of resources are building up for the workshop!

Anu Sharma
12:37pm 29 October 2009

Hi Gráinne

Thanks for the link. I am glad you liked the screen casts.

I have just started using Cloudworks today, and have come across many interesting resources... no doubt they will complement the workshop.

Rebecca Galley
9:53am 30 October 2009

Hi Anu - you are doing great stuff here - what a fantastic set of resources! Yes, there's some really interesting finds on Cloudworks...and I keep finding new things! Looking forward to seeing you on the 9th :)

Anu Sharma
10:04am 30 October 2009

Hi Rebecca

Many thanks- glad you like the resources. Look forward to seeing you on the 9th too! :)

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