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Blogging in Gr 4-7

activities for writting for grades 4-7 with blogs. Looks at posts, tagging, comments

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Jarrod Bell
24 October 2009

I was fortunate enough to participate in our district's Word Weavers conference put on by our Teacher-Librarians. I set up a blogging session for students to learn a little. Around 95% had never blogged before the 45minute session.

I created a plain Wordpress install (available at and used generic accounts and passwords that I provided to students on cards.

We logged in, showed them how to create a post. In their first post I asked them to tell me their login name (a number), what school they were from, favourite author/book/music/movie. I also had them look at their couple of phrases in their post and add tags, at least one. I suggested the name of their author or anything significant to them from their post.

We had a fairly slow lab so we had to have them post only a couple at a time but worked well otherwise. I setup a tag cloud on the page so everyone could see the tags. Asked the students the significance of font size in the tag cloud and they quickly picked up that it represented the frequency. Obviously Twighlight shines through as the most significant book for these young authors.

From there I had the students click on the Story Starters category which was populated with blog posts I and my partner, Toni Thompson (@TonetteThompson) created. We then had the students read through these story starters, click on the one they liked and finish the story using the commenting function for the last activity.

Several students caught on quickly that they could write some story starters as well and even properly categorized them. This quickly grew the community contribution.

It was a great success!


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Gráinne Conole
3:58am 24 October 2009

Thanks for posting this Jerrod - great success story and nice pedagogically focussed use of technology!

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