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Supporting Backchannel

How do you organize and encourage backchannel discussions at conferences?

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Sylvia Currie
25 October 2009

Share your resources, experiences, and ideas for supporting backchannel at conferences.

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Gráinne Conole
1:32pm 25 October 2009

Hi Sylvia thanks for adding this. I think backchannels have become really important in recent years at conferences, as more and more people have laptops and as wifi is become standard. Twitter has clearly made a huge difference, particualrly when there is an agreed hash tag for everyone to use. One of the problems with twitter however is that it doesnt keep tweets beyond a few months, so if the discussions are something you want to keep, you need to archive the tweets soemhow.

Sylvia Currie
2:28pm 30 October 2009

From Richard Smith via twitter: Use case for Twitter at conferences: knowing when to jump to another parallel session. The Tweets on the other side are greener!

Gráinne Conole
2:33pm 30 October 2009

Wonder how people will start to use the new list function on Twitter at conferences?

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