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Moodle and Cloudworks

How to integrate Cloudworks and Moodle

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Martin Dougiamas
26 October 2009

Sorry if you came here thinking it was an answer.  It isn't yet!

I started this cloud to discuss what an integration should look like and how Moodle can help to work on it.

I guess the simplest integration would be to treat this site as a big repository of clouds/cloudscapes/tags/people, and create a Moodle repository plugin that basically does what the search box here does, until you get to a page you want, and then that URL is passed back to the 'url' activity in Moodle, so that cloudworks pages can be easily added into Moodle courses.

That's probably not enough, I'm guessing.  What else can we do?  What else would people want?

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Gráinne Conole
4:39pm 26 October 2009

Hi thanks for starting this Martin! Nice to see you in the clouds ;-)

I think cracking interoperability between different sites involved in learning and teaching things is going to be crucial. People tend to belong to particular communiites and dont wnat to have to go to a million and one different places. Moodle for example already has a strong vibrant, wolrdwide community. I think cloudworks can complement that by providing a hook out into other communiities and a means of acting as a conduit for discussing and exchanging learning and teaching ideas. So if we can get an API interface between the two that would be fantastic.. Two other additional collaborations come to mind. first being able to have plug and play versions of moodle designs. The second is how we can build on the learning design toolbox we have created specifcally for use in the moodle comunity. The idea of the toolbox is a pick and mix of learning design tools, resources, activities that users can browse and select for a particular purpose. See for example the mix of things I choose for the the ETUG workshop I just ran in Vancouver or the one Rebecca Galley is putting together for a course in Brunel in a few weeks time.

Owen Stephens
9:22am 27 October 2009

The immediate issue I can see for tight integration is authentication. Without this Cloudworks could be an interesting resource as Martin describes, but you wouldn't get the interaction which is clearly key for using Cloudworks successfully.

As well as bringing in a URL from Cloudworks, you've also got the RSS feeds from tags. It would be nice if other RSS feeds were available but I can't see any?

Gráinne Conole
12:45pm 27 October 2009

Hi Owen there are RSS feeds possible for cloudscaps and people as well.

Juliette Culver
12:20pm 18 May 2010

Looking at Moodle/Cloudworks from a slightly different direction, I'm wondering if t an interesting approach might be to create an embed for the Moodle course. This wouldn't be aimed at students but at teachers wanting to show their course to other teachers. The embed could for example include a visual representation of the course outline with a link to somewhere were people could see the course on an actual Moodle server. Teachers could then e.g. put the embed in their blog or on Cloudworks.

Gráinne Conole
11:08pm 7 October 2010


In a workshop in Guadalajara we have been discussing how Moodle/Cloudworks might work more closely together.

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