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Moodle and Cloudworks

How to integrate Cloudworks and Moodle

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Martin Dougiamas
26 October 2009

Sorry if you came here thinking it was an answer.  It isn't yet!

I started this cloud to discuss what an integration should look like and how Moodle can help to work on it.

I guess the simplest integration would be to treat this site as a big repository of clouds/cloudscapes/tags/people, and create a Moodle repository plugin that basically does what the search box here does, until you get to a page you want, and then that URL is passed back to the 'url' activity in Moodle, so that cloudworks pages can be easily added into Moodle courses.

That's probably not enough, I'm guessing.  What else can we do?  What else would people want?

Contact details: here

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