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Quality, Choice & Aspiration

The long awaited policy on information, advice and guidance for young people

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Jenny Bimrose
26 October 2009

DCSF. (2009). Quality, Choice & Aspiration: A strategy for young people's information, advice and guidance. London: HM Government. Retrieved 26 October 2009, from


This strategy sets out the steps that we are taking to ensure that every young person, wherever they live and whatever their talents, receives excellent IAG. It builds on our Schools White Paper1 where we said that it was both a moral and an economic imperative to ensure every young person turns 18 with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to give them the best chance of success in adult life in the 21st century. Those students who started secondary school this September will be the first to stay in learning until 18. High quality IAG will be essential in enabling these young people to make the most of the new opportunities that will be available to them.


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IAG Launch video

IAG Launch video

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Jenny Bimrose
5:06pm 26 October 2009

Well, after months of waiting - it's finally been launched! 

So - what do we all think of it?

Does it deliver on expectations?

Does it represent something of a watershed for CEIAG?

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