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parent coaching

techniques to help parents coach their kids for success

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steven fulthorpe
27 October 2009

techniques to help parents coach their kids for success

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Parenting remains one of the toughest roles in life and support for parents is not readily given due to its ‘taboo’ nature. Coaching however helps to focus attention upon the factors that are important to achieve a goal or develop a specific skill. Its aim is to facilitate optimal performance. For teachers, tutors and parents, positive coaching practices can help to shape the values, attitudes and ultimately the behaviour of their kids by helping them to focus upon the things that are important to them. This allows the kids to evaluate their own performance in their own context and make informed decisions and judgements to drive their lives forward.

Coaching skills are transferable across a wide variety of areas. Whitworth, et al. (1998) states that "the coach’s job is to help clients articulate their dreams, desires and aspirations, help them clarify their mission, purpose and goals, and help them achieve that outcome" (p.5) in any area of life (i.e. personal, professional, relationship, health etc...).

Recent practices in performance coaching focus on non-directive questioning and helps individuals to analyze and solve their own problems and challenges, rather than offering them advice or directing them. This is an important component of parenting as it promotes autonomy in the kids. The long term aim of which is to enable independent thinkers to solve problems for themselves.

steven fulthorpe
11:15 on 28 October 2009 (Edited 12:21 on 30 October 2009)

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Gráinne Conole
2:12pm 27 October 2009

Good topic for a cloud steven, I suspect some of the tips and hints will be equally useful for teachers and tutors!

steven fulthorpe
8:47am 28 October 2009

Yes, i believe that good positive coaching can help parents to shape their own attitudes and behaviour which has a direct impact upon the attitudes and behaviour of their kids.

For less experienced teachers and tutors, coaching can help to focus upon what's important to both them and their students (values).

This gives a useful start point to bring both sides of the equation together. don't know if your familiar with the 'Betari Box' 

More input to follow

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