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Talk: Openness and the disaggregated future of HE

David Wiley presentation at AECT conference, 29th October 2009

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Gráinne Conole
29 October 2009

Industries failing elsewhere – banks, insurance, HE? Is there a bail out for HE – not likely. We must innovate to stay relevant/ What about e-learning? Was in 1995

Characteristics of e-learning: digital, mobile, isolated, generic, consuming and closed

Alexa web site

The most popular sites are those where you can share things – videos, images, blog posts. Openness and sharing is critical

  • Connecting – you cant connect to something if you don’t have access to it, if its not open you can’t connect to it
  • Personalising – you cant adapt or localise something if you don’t have the rights to modify it
  • Creating – you won’t be creative if there’s no outlet for your work

Towards open research, open education

  • The Open Access Movement – providing access to the research created at the University
  • The Open Educational Movement – making teaching and learning material publically available, for example MIT, Carnegie Melon, Stanford, OU UK – Open courseware consortium with over 200 members now, flat world knowledge – open source text book company for producing books free online, hippocampus, curriki – anyone can upload educational material, open high school of utah – an online high school

Education will eventually be open – and involve connecting, personalised and creative

Will your own university be open?  Or will you fight a 30 year war, lose and change anyway?

Dynamic specialisation – or institutional disaggregation

Western Governors University – is a fully accredited university that offers no course- only assessments

What is the value of a fully integrated offering? As compared to specialised pieces loosely joined?



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