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Antonella Esposito
31 October 2009

This could is set up to collect information and resources about tools, tecniques and training opportunities addressing researchers in the current digital era.

"Digital Research Tools (DiRT) is a wiki which collects information about tools and resources that can help scholars (particularly in the humanities and social sciences) conduct research more efficiently or creatively.  It provides a directory of tools organized by research activity, as well as reviews of select tools in which we not only describe the tool's features, but also explore how it might be employed most effectively by researchers."

Many of the tools they list and describe are social media tools, including a page about data collection:

"There are many available tools that allow you to input or collect data online, export the data in a variety of formats, and even publish it on the web."

The website also includes a list of selected Articles and Reports on Digital Scholarship.

Extra content

Social media: A guide for researchers is out! "The guide has been produced by the International Centre of Guidance Studies and aims to provide the information needed to make an informed decision about using social media and select from the vast range of tools that are available".

A list of resources, case studies from researchers and an informative guide can be downloaded from the Research Information Network's website.

Antonella Esposito
18:31 on 10 February 2011 (Edited 18:33 on 10 February 2011)

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