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First Virtual Workshop to plan Games

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Gill Clough
2 November 2009

A cloud for ideas arising out of the first virtual discussion discussion about the requirements for games that address financial capability attended by the xDelia MOGGI group.

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We are exploring several technologies to support the collaboration within the MOGGI group, and part of the outcome of this series of virtual and physical meetings will be an evaluation of these tools.

xDelia Wiki - xDelia uses a closed wiki linked to a secure document repository to which all project partners have access for sharing and creating knowledge. We also use the wiki for co-ordinating our meetings; all partners can edit the agenda, ask questions using discussion page and engage with the planned activities in advance.

Flashmeeting - Web-based video conferencing tool that records all the discussions. Used for smaller breakout meetings because it is recorded. Encountered a problem when a partner from Saxo Bank could not access the application through firewall so reverted to Skype.

Adobe Connect - The BTH Games designers have a copy and the first virtual MOGGI meeting will be conducted using this.

Google Wave - We have 20 invites to google wave. None of the group have used it yet but it looks like a potentially powerful tool for collaborating through conversations and collaborative creation of content.


Gill Clough
10:37 on 3 November 2009

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