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Activity: 15 mins: Setting workshop objectives

Setting workshop objectives activity

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Rebecca Galley
4 November 2009

Arrival Activity


The aim of this arrival activity is to provide teams with an opportunity to review personal objectives within the team and decide on team objectives for the day. The list will be used at the end of the session to frame reflection and evaluation.

This activity will take place while everyone is settling in, setting up lap tops etc and before the session starts properly.

1. Write down 3 personal objectives

2. Briefly share these with the team

3. Agree team objectives by identifying common themes within the team (no more than 6!)

4. Write these on the flip chart paper provided

5. If you have time add team objectives to this Cloud (by clicking on 'add extra content')

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Amyas Phillips
12:31pm 5 January 2010

Does this need some tags?

Rebecca Galley
1:01pm 5 January 2010

Thanks - not sure how I missed adding these :-)

matt cutts
10:08am 18 October 2017

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