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Activity: 40 mins: At a glance course maps

An introductory activity for the Course Map representation

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Rebecca Galley
4 November 2009

At a glance course mapsThis activity introduces one of the representation tools being developed by the Open University. The tool is text based and built around the premise that key learning design decisions will fall into one of  4 catagories:

  • Guidance and support
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Reflection and demonstration
  • Content and experience

The 'at a glance' representation gives a one-page overview of a module or course and can effectively communicate the 'flavour' or 'vision' of the course.

1. In your team, and using the Word proforma on the pen drive, outline your 'vision' of your module or short course.

2. Save a copy  to the pen drive.

3. Upload to the workshop Slideshare account

4. Have a look at the other groups 'at a glance' representations and discuss the questions:

  • How well do the representations communicate the 'flavour of the course'?
  • Who might find this representation useful and when?
  • What would it be useful to add?

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Sweta Rajan-Rankin
2:35pm 9 November 2009

The MSB team is happy to have uploaded our proposed module design using blended learning methodologies on 'Inter-Profesional Ethics'. Our group consisted of inter-disciplinary team members from OT, physiotherapy, community nursing, bio-sciences and social work. The common theme in our group is inter-professional practice and a concern about ethical issues in practice. This module aims to provide a global ethical framework for multi-disciplinary practice teams.

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