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Activity: 40 mins: Stalls activity

Design challenge stalls activity

Cloud created by:

Rebecca Galley
4 November 2009

In this activity you will move temporarily out of your curriculum teams and into special interest groups (stalls). The groups available for this session are:

  • Pedagogy (including assessment
  • Library, Media services and Accessibility
  • Visualisations and representations
  • Open Educational resources

To ensure a good skills spead in your team, make sure at least 1 person goes along to each of the stalls.  An expert will be facilitating each special interest group and the activity you will do in these groups is likely to be discussion based and focusing on some of the practicalities and also some of the issues. You will spend about 20 mins in your special interest group and then have an opportunity to feedback your findings to your team.

Learning outcomes:

  • Develops Learning Design networks
  • Develops individual knowledge in an aspect of learning design/ e-pedagogy
  • Broadens teams' knowledge base in aspects of learning design/e-pedagogy

Stalls activity

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