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Activity: 30 mins: Peer evaluation

Peer evaluation activity

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Rebecca Galley
4 November 2009

This activity provides teams with an opportunity to give and receive feedback on designs.

1. Review one other design and compare with your own. What did the other team do differently and what aspects are the same?

2. Identify 2 things you like about the design and one development point (add these to that teams Cloud)

3. Identify 2 things you like about your own design and one development point (add to your team Cloud)

Please ask your critical friend to identify 2 things they liked about your design and one development point and add this to your Cloud

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Nicola Langton
3:06pm 5 July 2010 (Edited 2:20pm 6 July 2010)

IF time I would suggest that teams present their work to everyone may not be time to visit all offerings and so miss out on some good ideas!

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