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Web-based curriculum mapping supporting Personalised Learning

Exploring how Web-based curriculum mapping can support Personalised learning

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John Pallister
5 November 2009

Curriculum choice is an important component of personalised learning whether you believe that it is the learner who should be personalising the learning for themselves; or that it is the teacher who should be personalising the learning for the learner. In either scenario the learner will make decisions about what they need to learn, how and when they learn; they will have a ‘say’, a voice in the design of their learning experiences.

To make decisions they will need to be able to 'see' the curriculum that they might/should/could access. This cloud will explore how web-based curriculum mapping, a tool primarly designed to 'organise and 'push' learning opportunities towards the learner, can be adapted to support the learner as the take control of their own learning and 'pull'/select learning opportunities.

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