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Resource: Information about Open Exeter

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Giota Alevizou
6 November 2009

Open Exeter is a JISC funded project to release existing learning resources under a suitable license for open use and repurposing.

The specific objectives of Open Exeter are:

  • Make available via a Creative Commons licence, a minimum of the equivalent of 360 credits of learning resources, from a range of subjects and a wide variety of mediums.
  • Make the resources available via JorumOpen and also Exeter's institutional repository.
  • Create a suite of protocols and templates that will facilitate the workflow from identifying resources to making them accessible such that future resources can be released under the same sustainable conditions.
  • Create an effective metadata schema so that resources can be readily found by end users.
  • Create an environment within which resources can be effectively evaluated, used and repurposed as part of e.g. student / staff collaboration course design and delivery collaboration.

For more information on Open Exeter click here See also the Open Exeter Blog

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