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Workshop: Cloud 3: Discuss motivations for, and barrier to, teachers and learners sharing and remixing OER

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Giota Alevizou
6 November 2009

Open discussion in your face to face groups and/or here in Cloudworks.

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Rebecca Galley
12:40pm 17 November 2009 (Edited 1:04pm 17 November 2009)

Discussion group:


  • Openly sharing may devalue (commercially) materials
  • Fears about materials not being good enough
  • Need shift in institutional, academic and student cultures
  • Conflictual pressures ie sharing vs quality control, technology vs cost, innovation vs time constraints etc



  • PR opportunities/ showcase work
  • Receive feedback to improve quality and motivation
  • Openness allows learners to engage with materials earlier (maybe even before enrollment) and at a deeper level than before

Giota Alevizou
12:47pm 17 November 2009

Group discussion


  • institutional constraints
  • competitive advantage
  • IPR
  • time
  • Fear of criticism / lack of confidence 
  • exposure /shyness


  • good if rewards for teaching and learning are offered
  • teaching fellows and trainees share a lot
  • investigative style methods and research-led teaching approaches (variety from discipline)
  • investigate enquiry-based learning




Rebecca Galley
1:09pm 17 November 2009

study focusing on 11 inhibitors for reuse of OERs in developing countries has just been published by a Swedish researcher:

  • Educational rules and restrictions
  • Language
  • Relevance
  • Access
  • Technical resources
  • Quality
  • Intellectual property
  • Awareness
  • Computer literacy
  • Teaching capacity
  • Teaching practices & traditions
This research was largely carried out in developing countries. In what ways is your list similar or different to this? Are the issues the same globally?

Giota Alevizou
2:06pm 17 November 2009

Thanks for adding this Rebecca. I think all these factors are relevant within any OER context; IPR is a great barrier within conventional educational/institutional contexts, esp. as the concept of 'fair use' is not widely acceptable (quite popular in the US). There an additional list of barriers generated in another cloud

I wonder if sometimes educators could take more relaxed and experimental approaches. Can we learn from open source movements, or the remix culture within peer-to-peer networks? Or is it that people want to experiment in a more 'private way'? There's another cloud listing reasons on OER remixing! Are these relevant? Is there a way to assist changing of mentality? and how is this valuable?

Giota Alevizou
2:28pm 17 November 2009

- different nature of material (lectures) require different kinds of thinking and reorganising for them to be published openly. Is it because different teachers/lecturers teach differently? is it because it is informal and inprovised? is it because lecturers feel that reputation can be jeopardised? 

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