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Team: Brunel Business School B

Cloud created by:

Dr Ahmad Ghoneim
9 November 2009

Group Members:

Ahmad Ghoneim

Wafi Al-Karaghouli

Weifeng Chen

Fintan Clear

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Brunel Business School Team B - At a glance course map

Brunel Business School Team B - At a glance course map

added by weifeng chen

Pedagogical Profiler _ BBS Team B

Pedagogical Profiler _ BBS Team B

added by weifeng chen

Visualisation Map - BBS Team B

Visualisation Map - BBS Team B

added by weifeng chen


weifeng chen
9:33am 9 November 2009

good morning  BBS B, have a nice day.  

weifeng chen
10:03am 9 November 2009

How to ruin a course:

- poor / unclear study guide

- unclear asessment

- poor aim and objectives for the module

- learning outcomes do not match aim and objectives

- poor timing / allocation of lectures / seminars, length excessive

- no e-discusion board / feedback

- old / out-of-date material / references

- poor / boring material, delivery

- lack of support (coaching, )

- lack of communication amongst teaching team

- unavailibility of teaching material

- high tutor/lecturer ratio

- bad timekeeping by lecturers

- poor acoutics/sound projection

- poor / no interaction between tutor and students

Gráinne Conole
3:27pm 9 November 2009

Very exciting to see your visual design!

Sue Collins
3:28pm 9 November 2009

Overal it looks like a good short course

Does the balance of the pedagogical profiler match that in the At A Glance, e.g. the communication element?

Seems like a really interesting subject though  

Gráinne Conole
3:38pm 9 November 2009 (Edited 7:05pm 9 November 2009)

The idea of the ped profile is to enable you to map out the different kinds of task the students do. The at a glance map provides an overview on one sheet of a course in terms of the three broad things learners are doing, i.e.

  • Information and experience
  • Communication and interaction
  • Thinking and reflection

and then the support they receive

  • Guidance and support

and the way they are assessed

  • Evidence and demonstration

These can be mixed and matched acoss the specific tasks in the ped profile in different ways. So the two views are complementary and give you different takes on aspects of the design, Hope this helps.

Giota Alevizou
3:49pm 9 November 2009

Great designs. As it appears from the pedagogical profiler, you aim to make the course quite interactional. Maybe this need to a be slightly more transparent in the module map.

Santanu Vasant
9:17pm 9 November 2009 (Edited 9:18pm 9 November 2009)

Ah, you put a stop in - I forgot that! This is a really good visualisation of a module. It's interesting to see this representation as opposed to the textual ones that we in the e-Learning team (via our SharePoint site's Document Archive) and students see. I really think a lot of the students would like something like this when they first start a module - an overview or so in this format. It's always good to give students a 'road map'.

Rebecca Galley
10:09am 10 November 2009

When these CompendiumLD maps are worked up they are a really useful tool - documents and websites/resources can be linked to in the map so a learner could work their way through some learning entirely guided by the map.

Natalie Parnis
10:38am 10 November 2009

It has been a pleasure working with the BBS (B) team as a critical friend/cloudwork buddy.  I think the idea of having an external team member working on each team has really worked in our case.  It would be interesting to see this short course being implemented now and delivered to student.....

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