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Team: Brunel Business School A

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Nandish Patel
9 November 2009

Workshop on blended learning

Contact details: Nandish Patel

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Activity 2 - 10 ways to ruin a course:

  1. No scheme of work
  2. No match between assessment and learning outcomes (lack of constructive alignment)
  3. No directed reading
  4. poor communication to students re module structure; and lack of information on assessment
  5. Poor delivery of teaching
  6. Textbooks written for another country's situation
  7. Not ensuring that students understand what is being said - not adapting teaching  to student learning needs
  8. Ignoring student feedback
  9. Having overlap of content in different courses
  10. Creating learning outcomes that are not "transparent" to students
  11. Lack of collaboration and agreement between members of the course team about - content, delivery, assessment, etc.

Maria Papaefthimiou
09:51 on 9 November 2009 (Edited 13:50 on 12 November 2009)

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Nandish Patel
9:42am 9 November 2009

Hello Brunel Business School A!

Gráinne Conole
3:50pm 9 November 2009

wow this looks like a really exciting design - you may need to give careful consideration as to the balance of use of the different web 2.0 tool. You will need to make it very clear why the students are using each of the tools and ensure that you avoid them getting confused by having multiple communication routes. Also keep in mind that students have different views/preferences wrt tools - for example some students love blogging, others hate it ;-)

Chris Evans
3:58pm 9 November 2009

We are teaching them to use the tools for business purposes as part of the curriculum. They learn how to use them and what the business applications are. Whilst we will also set up the module in each of the communication tools, that was not the primary objective. 

Gráinne Conole
4:01pm 9 November 2009

Ah I see thanks for the clarification Chris - sounds good. I think learning through immersion in the tools can be very powerful. We did something similar in a masters course I was involved with. We wanted the student to experience what it was like to be a researcher in the field and hence got them to keep blogs and read each others blogs. Mixed views from the students but it did give them an authentic feel to being a modern day researcher where information is distribtued across different communication channels and where it is important to understand the power of these tools as a means of communicating your research with others.

Santanu Vasant
9:12pm 9 November 2009

I've done this sort of module in my Masters at the Institute of Education, it's really interesting to see the difference between theory and what happens in practice and how some of the tools we encourage lecturers to use, sometimes, if not thought out properly actually ruin a course, i.e. if a plugin doesn't work or the software is difficult to use or needs a more powerful PC, this can impact on the student experience and therefore their future use of ICT. That's why I thought today's blended learning workshop was useful, in thinking 'what tool will I use for this learning objective / outcome'.

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