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Team: Education and Careers

Becoming an effective mentor

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Sue Collins
9 November 2009

Framework for a mentor training course

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Education and Careers:  10 Ways  to Ruin a Course

1. unrealistic goals

2. difficulties with access to materials

3. timetabling difficulties e.g. Friday afternoon

4. Lack of communication

5. Mismatch between course requirements, expectations and students needs and expectations and content

6. Pooor feedback/assessment strategy - quality and timing, failure to respond to individual needs

7. Ignore students background and experiences

8. Treat all components of the course as separate entities - non- alignment

9. Treat students as passive recipients

10. chaotic organisation/organisation of the timetable

Sue Collins
15:47 on 9 November 2009 (Edited 16:08 on 12 November 2009)

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Design Decision Assistant graphs

Design Decision Assistant graphs

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