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Activity 20 mins: The cloudquest challenge

An activity designed to help people explore cloudworks

Cloud created by:

Gráinne Conole
11 November 2009

This activity is a variant on the idea of a webquest, it provides a fun ways of exploring the cloudworks site and sharing findings. The aim is to explore the site and to give you an idea of what it contains and how it can be used.


  • If you haven't already done so, create a Cloudworks account (you can view anything on the site, but to post comments or add anything you need an account)
  • Spend a max of fifteen minutes exploring cloudworks (suggested stategies - browse clouds and cloudscapes, enter keywords in search, explore by tags, look at individual people's profiles
  • You may wish to open your search in a new tab or page in your browser so that you can easily navigate back to this cloud
  • If you are new to cloudworks you might like to take a look at our 'using cloudworks cloudscape'.


  • How many Karen's are registered with cloudworks?
  • How many people are registered with cloudworks from "The Open University"?
  • How many people are following Rebecca Galley?
  • Name three of the people Juliette Culver is following
  • Find an interesting cloud on collaborative learning
  • Find a cloudscape that was set up for a conference
  • Find a cloud you thiink is particularly interesting, say why you like it
  • What can you find in the site on mindmapping tools?
  • What kinds of clouds and cloudscapes have been tagged with the word "twitter"?
  • What's the latest cloud that has been added to the site?
  • What is the latest link that has been added to the flash debate cloudscape?
  • What three words would you use to describe cloudworks?

And finally...

  • Post your findings here 
  • Review other entries
  • Vote for your favourite cloud or cloudscape using the survey
  • A summary of the survey will be posted here in due course


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Karen Virapen
9:33am 12 November 2009 (Edited 9:40am 12 November 2009)

OK here are our answers so far!

1.  There are 11 Karens registered with Cloudworks

2. 30 registered from the OU

3. 55 are following Rebecca

4. 3 people Juliette Culver is following: Andrew Brasher, Perry williams, Grainne Conole (apologies for not including the fada)

5. Involving learners in collaborative activities

6. ILS09 - Course on ICT, Learning and Collaborations

7.Using the iPhone in teaching - I just changed this - because I think the iPhone is a really interesting platform for learning, especially language learning, and I like the links

8. Spanish, Teaching and Learning in the digital world, CompendiumLD

9.  E-learning/academia and Twitter, informal learning

10. Evaluation

11. IRRODL Special edition - Openness and the future of higher eductation

12. Wide-ranging, clean, searchable

Peter R Bullen
9:39am 12 November 2009 (Edited 9:54am 12 November 2009)




Grainne Conole, Martin Weller, Patrick McAndrew

Educational Simulations


 Team Brunel Business B – Variety of content related to learning design, e.g. presentations, discussions etc 

Plenty of resources – good examples of mindmapping in teaching

 Wide range on how to use twitter and examples of use 

Evaluation – 11 Nov 09

IRRODL Special edition - Openness and the future of higher education

 Active, Comprehensive, Varied

Sharon AJ Hayes
9:43am 12 November 2009 (Edited 9:46am 12 November 2009)

1. 11

2. 30

3. 467

4.  Grianne, Martin and Andrew

5. ICTand trends

6. ALT C 2009

7. Research Ethics of eLearning = interesting title and lots of comments

8. Good examples of mindmapping

9. Good Range

10. Evaluation

11. IRRODL Special Edition

12. Community, Discussion, Interesting

Diane McDonald
9:45am 12 November 2009

we agree with everyone else except....

2. 30 +1 +4 = 35

3 words are to agreed a later meeting... ;-)

Steven Verjans
10:40am 13 November 2009

11 Karen's

30 people of Open University

55 people following Rebecca


Kamakshi Rajagopal
10:53am 13 November 2009

 11 Karens....

I like the cloud on the changing nature of conferences as it is very interesting to see the course of the discussion and the input of different people. 

my three words to describe Cloudworks are: easy-to-use, inspiring, community


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