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Cloudworks: a virtual fieldtrip

Talk by Grainne Conole, Eluminate session, 16th November 2009

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Gráinne Conole
16 November 2009

Discover a new island on web 2.0 world....

  • Come and take a virtual fieldtrip of the cloudworks island
  • Learn about the islands history and culture
  • Join the intrepid expedition team as they explore the island's terrain, swimming in the blue lagoon, trecking along the islands trails through the jungle, climbing the central mountains.
  • Meet the islands tribes, get to know the character of 'cloudworkers'
  • Reflect on islands future, as it begins to make connections with other countries on web 2.0 world.

The virtual field trip to Cloudworks is on November 16, 2009 at 20:00 GMT

  • The context is looking at Cloudworks from a community of practice perspective. This event is open to the public and is organized by CPsquare and SCoPE.
  • A prezi presentation for the talk is available here.
  • Further information available on the cpsquare wiki

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Presentation including prezi slides

Presentation including prezi slides

added by Gráinne Conole


Maria Eugenia Morales Mora
9:57am 16 November 2009

No permite ver la presentación en Prezi... aparece "Access denied"


Gráinne Conole
12:05pm 16 November 2009

Lo siento - ahora es correcto! El enlace fue mal.

Sylvia Currie
5:41pm 16 November 2009

Let's see, I've got my rubber boots, wet suit, goggles, machete and a helmet. Anything else I need for the field trip? ;-)

Gráinne Conole
6:15pm 16 November 2009

Lol - an open, exploratory mind....  btw is the session being recorded, someone would like to attend but can't.

Sylvia Currie
6:22pm 16 November 2009

Yes, we'll record the session. I'll be sure to post the link here.

Gráinne Conole
6:24pm 16 November 2009

Great will let people know - thanks Sylvia. Ready whenever you are if you want to check that everything is working ok.

Derek Chirnside
6:51pm 16 November 2009

Sylvia, I've got chocolate.  Hi everyone.  Just wondering if this is like a chat, a twitter or a blog comment.

Gráinne Conole
7:00pm 16 November 2009

oooh chocolate excellent! did anyone bring popcorn?

yep feel free to use this space to comment on the presentation. collectively live blog, add links or references etc.

Derek Chirnside
7:08pm 16 November 2009

OK, off to work now, back soon.  Lots of questions.  I've just created a cloud.  What is a cloud? Too many to count in just the A-section alone.  No wonder you have cloudscapes.  I've found the place that tells me how to say your name Gráinne, funny how that is important . . .  I have a meeting at 9.00 when you start.  Hope to dial in.  (How do I add a pic? doesn't seem to be any field in the profile)

Gráinne Conole
7:13pm 16 November 2009

hi a cloud is any to do with learning and teaching - could be a description of a great teaching session or information about tools and resources.

Clouds can be grouped into cloudscapes.

I will add a link to the short 4 min video which introduces the concepts in a mo. Pic on your name on front page go click on and you should be able to edit your profile and add an image.

Derek Chirnside
7:28pm 16 November 2009

OK, found the link to upload a pic, posted a comment on my own cloud and it's being moderated,looks like fun, lots of fun clouds to look at!!

REALLY off to work now.  Cheers.

Gráinne Conole
7:32pm 16 November 2009

OK :-) Currently we have tight moderation on site, to ensure no spam, are planning to lighten up on that though, so bear with us if your stuff gets moderated sometimes!

Derek Chirnside
8:05pm 16 November 2009

Well, I'm stuck on a machine without Flash 9 and no admin Privileges.  I'll tune in later.

Sus Nyrop
8:06pm 16 November 2009

I'm in the field trip session and also made my account here. Now I'll see how intuitive this is :-)

Derek Chirnside
8:48pm 16 November 2009

Sus, Hi, fancy meeting you here.  I think everything is happening somewhere else.  You should know that intuitive is a meaningless term!!  It's just a measure of how geeky you are.

Etienne Wenger
9:41pm 16 November 2009

Thanks for the presentation, Grainne. I was intrigued by your statement that national identity was a key element of the future of Cloudworks. Can you explain?

John David Smith
11:56pm 16 November 2009

I'm curious about the decision to "code from scratch".  What kind of context enables that decision?  What implications does it have for the future of a community?  In Digital Habitats I think we claim that "code your own" is a powerful but very risky strategy.  I wonder whether your experience supports that claim or not...

Derek Chirnside
9:41pm 17 November 2009

Just checking in here, has the audio gone up somewhere?  I too am interested in John's comment on code your own.  This strategy is usually powerful if you have a lot of $$.

Derek Chirnside
9:51pm 17 November 2009

OK, can't find how to follow a cloud.  I founfd a few interesting ones.  Can you only follow a cloudscape?

This was the one I was starting from: . . .

Rebecca Galley
8:57am 18 November 2009

Hi Derek, the best way to follow Clouds you are interested in is to pull them all into a 'personal' Cloudscape. So set up a Cloudscape and add the Clouds you are interested in to it. Here is one Grainne Conole set up for herself just last week - and I plan to do one for myself this week too. I was thinking that I might really personalise it with a photo, links etc..

Alternatively if you add your own comment to a Cloud you will then be sent automatic alerts for that Cloud.

Gráinne Conole
9:35am 18 November 2009

Hi Etienne

re: national identity - maybe I was pushing the whole island thing a bit far ;-) but what I was getting at is that I think cloudworks is evolving as a new, distinct space and as it becomes clearer what that is and what it consists of I think we will need to capture that somehow, to articulate its identity if you like. Part of this will also be about describing the kinds of people who are using the space and the "communities" that are developing here. Although I use the work community with caution as we are still working on what we mean by engagement in this space. Rebecca has put up some thoughts around this in an earlier blog post. If you go to our blog archive and search for "Promoting community engagement" you should find it. Would really welcome your thoughts on all this!

Gráinne Conole
9:37am 18 November 2009

Hi John

We decided we needed to design from scratch because we wanted to co-evolve the systems with the users, their neeed and how they used the site. Drupal got us up and running quickly and enabled us to see how to adapt from there. Our computer and education paper - linked to this cloud gives a more detailed outline of our design decisions and associated evaluation.

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