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Cluster C April 2009 CAMEL meeting

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Rebecca Galley
16 November 2009

This cloud agrregated materials and discussion from the April 2009 Cluster C CAMEL meeting at Strathclyde University

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Day 1:

12.30pm           Lunch
1.30pm            Session 1: Sharing our projects
Each project gives a 10 -15 minute presentation on aims, key stakeholders, critical success factors and ‘big issues’, followed by questions.
Outcomes: identification of areas of shared interest.  
3pm                 Break
3.30pm            Session 2: Representations of curriculum design
Discussion of representation issues, ideas and challenges
Outcomes: planning for ALT-C session, learning from different ideas.    
5pm                 Finish
7pm                 Dinner
Day 2:

9am                 Session 3: Evaluation
5 minute presentations from each project on evaluation activities.  Discussion of programme-wide evaluation plans and relationship to project evaluations.   
Outcomes: material to inform final versions of evaluation plans, material to inform comment on Helen Beetham’s programme-wide evaluation document.       
10.30am           Break
11am               Session 4: Planning future cluster activities
Discussion about the value of this cluster meeting, ideas for future meetings and future collaboration activities.  AOB.  
Outcomes: a plan for future events.      
12.30pm           Close

Rebecca Galley
11:59 on 16 November 2009 (Edited 12:00 on 16 November 2009)

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Rebecca Galley
11:58am 16 November 2009

The cluster met together for their first CAMEL meeting last week where the 3 project teams came together to share more details on their projects. The projects are concentrating on different aspects of curriculum design but with common areas of interest such as mapping the exisitng curriculum design processes in their institutions and representing designs. All are looking at approaches to design but within different contexts and from different perspectives. Our main aim for the meeting was to identify some common activities from which we could all benefit. The suggested areas for collaboration have been posted by Grainne. It wil be great if all the projects start to share thoughts and activities within cloudworks so that we can see developments as they happen. The meeting had lots of interesting discussion. Mapping the 'informal processes' that academics use in design is of particular interest to me and how theses informal processes relate to the formal institutional processes. If we can represent these informal processes it might help us to align the formal processes more to the lecturers needs which would be really useful. As critical friend to the cluster I am trying to support each of the projects and also facilitating working together across the cluster. The meeting was very positive with many 'conversations' between different project team members, and we had a great meal on Monday evening.

Peter R Bullen
8:16am 29 April 2009

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