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Discussion: Killer questions

What are the key questions you should use to interrogate your learning design?

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Rebecca Galley
16 November 2009

At the November Cluster C CAMEL meeting we discussed how we might evaluate quality, and what a 'good enough' learning design might look like (and indeed what a inadequate learning design might look like too).

To start the ball rolling, Grainne has identified 7 top tips for design.

Q:What killer questions would help you decide whether a learning design was fit for purpose or not?

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Peter R Bullen
2:54pm 24 November 2009

The Blended Learning Unit ( regularly refers to principles to 'test' for a 'good' learning design. One example of this 'principled' approach to curriculum design is Chickering and Gamson's - 7 principles of 'Good practice in Undergraduate Education':
Encourages contact between students and lecturers
Develops reciprocity and cooperation among students
Encourages active learning
Give prompt feedback
Emphasises time on task
Communicates high expectations
Respects diverse talents and ways of learning,

as long as the wording is suitably interpreted. For example 'encourages contact between students abnd lecturers' needs to be  include 'virtual contact'.

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