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Graham Attwell
16 November 2009

Towards a validation of the “4 didactic parameters for analysis and planning” - Ben Bachmair

  • The leading question is a methodological one: how, in a hermeneutic approach, can the analytic tools for practical instructional innovation be validated in the context of cultural transformation and existing learning practices?
  • Is it possible to integrate a theoretical matrix and the didactic parameters as an interface for school practices, new cultural structures and innovative cultural theories of education?
  • What kind of discursive and sustainable strategies are helpful to implement, by means of situated learning, the ongoing developments in mass communication into the curricular practices of schools?
  • Is it possible to find examples of school practices which represent the flexible poles of Parameter B: Relationship to the object of learning: Personal reconstruction, and of Parameter C: Institutional emphasis on expertise: Pole: Personal expertise. Is the representational form of the web adequate for a conversational input from teachers?
  • Is it possible to integrate participating learners with their expertise of formal learning and instruction into the evaluation of instructional units? Which function does the official assessment of learning results have for the evaluation of instructional units?

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Exploring Mixed Reality Learning Scenarios

Exploring Mixed Reality Learning Scenarios

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