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Work Based Learning

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Graham Attwell
16 November 2009

Mobile Work-Based Learning & Context - Cristoph Pimmer

To create and encourage mobile learning opportunities across work contexts, a number of cognitive, didactical, organisational, socio cultural, technological, legal and usability related issues has to be addressed. Consequently, the central question to be addressed should focus on how changing contexts can (positively) impact on the process of learning (drawing on Kukulska-Hulme et al., in press according to the respective situation.

Implementing a socio- cultural ecology for learning at work – ideas and issues - Graham Attwell

  • Can developmental competences be acquired in the absence of formal and institutional learning?
  • How can developmental competences based on informal learning be recognised?
  • How can we develop intrinsic motivation for work based learning and competence development?
  • How can we recognise development zones for reflection and learning?
  • Is it possible to appropriate social and business processes and applications for learning?
  • Is there a continued role for educational technologies if learning materials are user generated and technologies and applications are appropriated?
  • What are the socio – technical competence sand literacies required to facilities learners to appropriate technologies?

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