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Graham Attwell
16 November 2009

Mobiles and Mobility: Implications for Education - John Traxler

The whole context of formal education is changing; is it possible that technical enhancements to the delivery and support of an updated curriculum, technical fixes as negotiated between technologists and educators, are no longer adequate? Can the education system, especially the institutions of formal learning, make tactical, technical changes and reforms, is business-as-usual still possible? Or is it possible that the education system in its present is somehow broken and no longer fit-for-purpose?

Collaborative Survival through Open Research and Disagreement Management - Ambjörn Naeve.

  • Open Research and Open Ideas – supporting the unselfish perspective on knowledge: How do we enable the co-construction and free sharing of Globally Relevant Content, such as e.g., how to harness your locally available renewable energy flows in a sustainable way? (Example:, click “more info” for the whole story).
  • Disagreement management as a strategy for conflict resolution: How do we harness the constructive powers of disagreement in order to foster innovation and new perspectives on the issues at stake and prevent them from becoming locked into a destructive tug-of-war between opposing points of view?
  • Enriching the economy by expanding the values ontology: How do we enable a collaborative construction of a Global Values Ontology, which gives everyone a chance to express what (s)he considers to be of value on this planet? This is NOT about agreeing on the values, but rather about making explicit the different types of values that exist among different people, communities and cultures.

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