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Encouraging digital storytelling with beginner readers

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Sus Nyrop
16 November 2009

In the past I have studied beginner learners (as well as other age and skills groups) with a special regard to how to take advantage of the computer for storytelling. Today, I'm partly retired, and with three grandchildren ages 8 and 9,  I feel a strong urge to take an active part in their uphill learning trajectory.

We live in Denmark, so all text material that we produce and most of what we use should primarily be in Danish language. However, they seem to have very few problems with English interface programs;  apparently they are better at recalling and interpreting icons  than I am. This is by no means home schooling; we may meet once or twice a month, and have some holidays together, and these are times when I push and encourage their progress, in playful ways.

I would use this cloud for collecting examples, tools and research in the field.


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